Gendered Christmas Gifts

It's that time of the year were you see a ton of gendered Christmas presents everywhere, whether its online, in magazines, television adverts or television programmes. We see them everywhere "This doll is for a little girl" "This train is for a little boy" "This deodorant is for a woman" "This game is for a … Continue reading Gendered Christmas Gifts


Why is volunteering important to me?

I always get asked on why I volunteer, and why I spend most of my hours in a day helping others, writing blog posts or sending important emails, when I could be out socialising, working or doing other bits and bobs. To be honest over the last three years I have managed to work 30+ … Continue reading Why is volunteering important to me?

Transgender Children Need Our Support

Over the last few months transgender children have been the focus of most newspapers, with headlines such as "Sing along children. The skirt on the drag queen goes swish swish swish" in the Sun newspaper and "Church: Let little boys wear tiaras" in the Daily Mail newspaper. Our television programmes are highlighting that being transgender … Continue reading Transgender Children Need Our Support

Don’t be an elf on the shelf – Speak up

At least once in our life we will suffer from a mental health issue, whether its anxiety, depression or an addiction. Our mental health is critical, and sometimes we never get real help, because it's not always "seen". The NHS is extremely underfunded when it comes to mental health services, we always hear of inpatient … Continue reading Don’t be an elf on the shelf – Speak up

David Davies’ Article About The Transgender Community.

Over the last few years I have met with a fair few ministers and a few MP's regarding trans issues, LGBT+ Education and the basic understandings of the trans* community. Each and every one of these individuals have had a basic understanding of the transgender community, and they understand what the community needs within policies. … Continue reading David Davies’ Article About The Transgender Community.

Transgender Day Of Visibility

On the 31st of March every year transgender men, woman and non binary people celebrate transgender day of visibility. Over the last 3 years the transgender community has has risen with education, important role models speaking up about their experiences and transgender characters staring in Television programmes, films and online. Today celebrates all of the … Continue reading Transgender Day Of Visibility