4 weeks since top surgery!

It's now been four weeks since I have had surgery and I can't believe how quick it's going. It has been such a surreal and liberating experience and each and every day is surreal. I have been slacking on the blogging side of things so this blog post is going to be very in depth … Continue reading 4 weeks since top surgery!


Tears, Smiles and a surgery that has changed my life

6 Days ago I walked into the Welbeck Hospital with huge anxiety and excitement towards surgery. It's been such an overwhelming experience and I am so grateful for every single moment that has happened since. The Day of surgery -I had surgery on the 10th of January 2019 which was exactly 6 days ago. It … Continue reading Tears, Smiles and a surgery that has changed my life

Young Transgender people DO exist

On Sunday I clicked onto Facebook and the first thing I came across was an article made by the Sunday Times - which said "Child sex-change charity Mermaids handed £500,000 by national lottery, which was posted by the page Woman's Place UK. First thing first, Mermaids isn't a "Child sex-change charity". Mermaids is a charity … Continue reading Young Transgender people DO exist