About Me

about me 1

Hey, My name is Alex Jones, I’m 21 years old and I’m from South Wales. Here are a few little facts about myself –

  • I have recently left university – Due to it not being my “cup of tea” – So i’m currently working full time whilst trying to figure myself out!
  • I’m Pride Cymru’s Young Person Champion, an Iwill ambassador, Diana Award holder and Transgender campaigner within Wales.
  • I love travelling!
  • I absolutely love watching TV Series, that’s what I spent 99.9% of my day’s doing.

Why Did I Start Campaigning?

After coming out as Transgender I faced discrimination, bullying, verbal threats, online abuse, I got assaulted and everyday was a constant battle with myself and society.

During 2014 I put all of my trust into somebody I thought was a friend, but in the end it resulted in months of abusive text messages, constant phone calls which consisted of threats & hate and they even threatened my family. In 2015 I got assaulted by somebody I also thought was my friend, I trusted the police to deal with this in the correct way and they let myself and other young LGBT+ people within South Wales down. Those two moments made me realise that the transgender community is lacking so much understanding, equality and fair chances so I decided to stand up for transgender rights, I started working with Fixers UK, Pride Cymru, The IWill campaign and several other organisations and charities to ensure that not only my voice is being heard, but other young LGBT+ individuals voices are being heard.

Becoming Alex

Becoming Alex became my “Trademark” name when I started Testosterone – I always use the hashtag #BecomingAlex because in a sense, I am becoming Alex. I am becoming myself, I am becoming a better version of myself, I am learning more about myself and I am becoming the person I have always wanted to be.

Becoming Alex has also become my trademark throughout my fundraising – I am currently fundraising to raise as much money as I can to have top surgery! You can visit my just giving page here.

If you’re an individual who identifies as LGBT+, it does get better, it’s not always going to be dark and there is always light at the end of the tunnel, This page is to provide a safe space to LGBT+ individuals, with stories from myself and some inspirational and fantastic individuals.

Keep strong, keep safe and keep being amazing,

Love Alex x

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