About me


This photo was taken at the Fixers “Feeling happy with my gender fix” event.



My name is Alex Jones, I’m 21 years old and I’m from South Wales. Here are a few little facts about myself –

  • I have recently left university – Due to it not being my “cup of tea” – So i’m currently working full time whilst trying to figure myself out!
  • I’m Pride Cymru’s Young Person Champion, an Iwill ambassador, Diana Award holder and Transgender campaigner within Wales.
  • I love travelling!
  • I absolutely love watching TV Series, that’s what I spent 99.9% of my day’s doing.

Why did I start campaigning?

After coming out as Transgender I faced discrimination, bullying, verbal threats, online abuse, I got assaulted and everyday was a constant battle with myself and society.

During 2014 I put all of my trust into somebody I thought was a friend, but in the end it resulted in months of abusive text messages, constant phone calls which consisted of threats & hate and they even threatened my family. In 2015 I got assaulted by somebody I also thought was my friend, I trusted the police to deal with this in the correct way and they let myself and other young LGBT+ people within South Wales down. Those two moments made me realise that the transgender community is lacking so much understanding, equality and fair chances so I decided to stand up for transgender rights, I started working with Fixers UK, Pride Cymru, The IWill campaign and several other organisations and charities to ensure that not only my voice is being heard, but other young LGBT+ individuals voices are being heard.

Becoming Alex

Becoming Alex became my “Trademark” name when I started Testosterone – I always use the hashtag #BecomingAlex because in a sense, I am becoming Alex. I am becoming myself, I am becoming a better version of myself, I am learning more about myself and I am becoming the person I have always wanted to be.

Becoming Alex has also become my trademark throughout my fundraising – I am currently fundraising to raise as much money as I can to have top surgery! You can visit my just giving page here.

If you’re an individual who identifies as LGBT+, it does get better, it’s not always going to be dark and there is always light at the end of the tunnel, This page is to provide a safe space to LGBT+ individuals, with stories from myself and some inspirational and fantastic individuals.

Keep strong, keep safe and keep being amazing,

Love Alex x



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