I’m doing a binder raffle!!

I’m currently doing a binder raffle for those who are trans & gender non-conforming folks. I know it can be difficult buying binders when their £30+ each and need replacing up to three times a year – the financial burden this can cause people is the reason why I’m willing to do a binder raffle.

For me, being able to bind before I had top surgery was a huge confidence boast. Not only did it make me feel like I had a flat chest, but it also made me pass as male which was extremely important for me. A binder could potentially save someone’s life, and that is crucial.

At this present moment in time I have 2 brand new binders to give away – but this number may increase over the next few weeks – I will keep lots of updates in the comments below to keep you all updated ☺️

Instead of doing a basic binder give away – I’ve decided to do a binder raffle. By having people pay a small amount of money towards a number will allow more trans & gender nonconforming folk to be able to have a binder! I have set the amount at 20p a number – so if you’d like 1 number it will be 20p, If you’d like 10 numbers it would be £2 etc!

All money that is paid will be used to add more binders to the raffle!!

I will be ordering these binders from Spectrum outfitters! So please check out their website and see what they have to offer. You can visit there website by clicking Here.

Here are the rules –

1. You must live within the UK.

2. You must not enter if you’re having top surgery within the next 3 months.

3. You must identify as transgender or gender nonconforming.

4. This competition begins on the 20th of May 2019 at 6pm and will end at 11:59pm on the 31st of August 2019.

5. If you are a winner of this competition I shall send you a confirmation email on the 2nd of September 2019. If you don’t reply within 3 days then I will have to give the binder away to another individual.

If you have any other questions or queries please don’t hesitate to message me!

How to enter the binder raffle –

1. To pay please send the money to my PayPal account which is Junebindercomp@gmail.com – When sending the money please select family and friends and please leave your email address in the “note” section so I can confirm that you have paid.

2. Please send me an email as soon as you have paid – my email address is Junebindercomp@gmail.com and within that email please confirm your name, your location and which email address you used to pay your money via PayPal.

3. Once I have received this email I will confirm everything and allocate you a raffle number.

4. This raffle will be drawn on the 2nd of September 2019 and if you have won a binder – I will send you a confirmation email to gather some more information from yourself. If you do not reply to this email within 3 days then I will have to allocate the binder to another individual.

Would you like to donate to the binder raffle?

You are more than willing to donate money to this binder giveaway. There is no pressure in donating – but if you would like to donate anything please send an email to Junebindercomp@gmail.com and I will get into contact with you as soon as possible!

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