1 Day Before Top Surgery!

Tomorrow I shall be going into hospital to finally have my top surgery done and I may be waking up from anaesthetic, who knows! I’m currently sat on the bus on my way to London with my Sister and Mum who have been godsends during this. They have helped me, they have encouraged me and they’ve seen me through some of my darkest days – but to have them here with me now is a blessing and I can never thank them enough!

Today my nerves are finally kicking in. I haven’t felt nervous since I found out the date, I was ready to get it done as I have been waiting so long to get it done. Nerves are normal before any sort of surgery and at the minute I’m just focusing on other things so I don’t over stress myself.

This is my last day wearing my binder and I can’t wait to get rid of it, I can’t wait to feel my chest on a T-shirt for the first time in years, I can’t wait to see myself properly in the mirror and I can’t wait to get this part of my life over and done with.

Thursday the 3rd of January –

On Thursday the 3rd of January I had a phone call of Dr Miles Berry’s assistant to go through everything about surgery as it was in one weeks time. She was extremely lovely and asked me a few questions and went through a few details with me.

I’m getting admitted into hospital at 1pm on Thursday (10th of January). I’ve been told that I’m not allowed to eat past 7am, which is perfectly fine for me because I don’t usually eat breakfast! I’m only allowed sips of water up until 11am and then I’m not allowed anything at all due to the anaesthetic.

She asked me if anybody was travelling with me, how I was travelling there and back and just made sure that it was in the safest way possible. I’m guessing me being 1 day post op getting onto a 4 hour long mega-bus back to Newport wouldn’t be a good idea so I’m getting the train home as it’s comfier and quicker than any other means of transport.

She also asked me to measure myself for my post op binder. The post op binder is to allow the chest to heal correctly and it helps with the swelling. I will have to wear the post op binder for 6 weeks which is recommended by the surgeon himself. Some surgeons don’t use binders, some surgeons only like their patients using them for a week – it really does depend on which surgeon you are with. With measurements they asked me to do around my belly button and underneath my breast so it fits correctly!

What have I packed for the hospital?

When I was having a nose online I found it so difficult to find a list of what I’d need for the hospital for after I have had surgery so I thought I’d give everybody an idea on what they’d need –

  • Underwear and socks – This is pretty basic, and I’m the type of person to forget them so just make sure you don’t forget to pack them!
  • A comfy buttoned shirt – I have packed a comfy buttoned shirt ready for my journey home. It’s going to be difficult for me to lift a t shirt or jumper over my head as my arm movements will be limited so I have bought an awful lot of shirts so I don’t have to struggle.
  • A pair of pyjama bottoms – These are for in the night. I’m not sure if Ill end up wearing them as I hate wearing pyjama bottoms but I thought i’d pack them just in case.
  • Joggers – I got a pair of jogging bottoms for my journey home. They’re simple, easy and comfortable.
  • Travel pillow – I bought myself a travel pillow so I can have a sleep on my way home on the train and I’ve seen an awful lot of people have them so I’m going to see if it works!
  • Arnica – Dr Miles Berry told me to start taking Arnica tablets a week before surgery and 10 days after surgery. Arnica helps reduce swelling and bruising so in this sort of surgery they’re a god send. You can get them in boots I think mine were £5.90 a packet but they we’re on offer at 3 packs for the price of 2 so I got three packets just to make sure they last me!
  • Anti-bacteria hand wash – Germs are an issue after surgery. I don’t want to get germs and I really don’t want to pass on germs. So I have got myself a few bottles of Anti bacteria hand wash to ensure that nothing is going to get infected.
  • Non-adherent dressing & Micro pore type – I’m not sure if the hospital will provide these so I have bought some just in case they don’t. I will need them for my dressings when I need to start changing them.
  • Snacks – I have bought some chocolate treats with me as I’m a sucker for snacking and knowing my luck ill be extremely hungry once waking up from surgery so I have some ready!
  • Straws – Another thing I have seen online is people using straws for their drinks. I’m personally going to use straws so I illuminate the chances of ripping open my wounds.
  • Bus tickets, train tickets, hotel confirmation etc – I always print out these bits of information in case my phone dies and I can’t get access to the information.
  • My laptop – I was deciding if I wanted to bring my laptop or not. I carry my laptop everywhere and I knew that I wanted to blog about my experience so I decided to bring it along with me!
  • Long phone wire / Headphones wire – It is important to have long wires that can reach your plug to your bed, or where ever you’re recuperating. My headphones are Bluetooth so I need to charge them on a daily basis.

If there are any other bits of information that you may need to bring along with you I shall update this blog as the days go on!

When I first came out I got called a liar, I got called an attention seeker and I got told that I’d never be accepted as who I am and I’d be better off dead. Those words still go around in my head on a daily basis and I sometimes still believe that. But over these last 6 years I have fought so hard to be who I am, I have fought so hard to equal rights and I have fought so hard to get hormones and to have surgery. I never imagined having friends and family by my side throughout this but I have a whole army of people stood beside me cheering me on. To those people who called me worthless, to those people who told me I’d never be my true self, and to those people who told me I’d be better off dead – I’m here, I’m proud and I’m standing taller than I have before. Your words hurt me an awful lot, and they still effect me today, but I will never let you destroy me, or damper my sparkle – because I’m stronger than that!

This is a new beginning, this is a new adventure and this day has been a long day coming and i’m excited for the journey, Thank you so much to each and every person that has stood by me throughout it all. I don’t know where i’d be without you all. The next blog post I will be publishing will be post op, which is such a surreal feeling. Here’s to new beginnings,

Alex 🙂

2 thoughts on “1 Day Before Top Surgery!”

  1. Good luck!!! Hope you’re not too sore afterward (although, I’m sure you’re going to be pretty stiff for a while). Be patient. So looking forward to all that comes after. All the best to ya!!!! xxx


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