Therapy Isn’t Just Sitting In a Room

“Therapy is like a workout for the mind. When we stretch and pull it aches but in the end we come out stronger”

Whenever we think of the word therapy we automatically think of an individual sat in a room with a specialist discussing what’s going through someone’s mind, what’s happened in their life and why they are truly there. But therapy doesn’t always mean sitting in that white boring room talking.

The term therapy means “the treatment of mental or psychological disorders”. There’s such a broad amount of things that an individual can do for therapy which include;

  • Travelling
  • Shopping
  • Dog walking
  • Campaigning
  • Writing
  • Exercising
  • Cooking
  • Performing

And the list goes on. Each and every person has their own sort of therapy to cope with what’s going on in their lives!

Sometimes talking therapy helps people – other times it isn’t so helpful! But sometimes individuals may need therapy to discuss some serious issues that they have / some of the things that they’ve been through and that’s okay!

When I was 14 I was having cognitive behavioural therapy with CAMHS – which was amazing. It helped me at the time and it made me overcome some of my darkest battles. But recently I’ve turned to another form of therapy – travelling. Whenever I travel I leave a part of myself behind and I forget about my problems and I learn how to conquer them. I love getting on a train, a plane or a bus somewhere. I love trying out new experiences, seeing new things and meeting new people. When I started writing my blog it was for myself only as I wanted to keep an online diary of my mental health but somehow it’s exploded into a successful blog that’s been viewed in hundreds of country’s worldwide – so these days I also use my blog for therapy!

If you are suffering from any mental health issues – or you feel like you’ve lost yourself you should find your own type of therapy – like I said above it can be anything as long as it doesn’t mean your harming yourself (for example drinking alcohol in excessive amounts isn’t going to help). Try a new hobby, find some new friends, start writing a blog or diary, or if you’re stuck for ideas I’m more than willing to give some more good therapeutic ideas!

Things do get better over time, believe in yourself, surround yourself with positive people and look after yourself 🙂

I have started a Just Giving page to help me with the costs of my top surgery. I am currently saving up every penny I have, I am working part time in McDonald’s and I am also in university so money is already extremely tight for me. Over the last year my mental and physical state has gone downhill due to me binding and having moobs – I wear my binder for 15 hours a day because I am so self conscious and that is putting extreme pressure on my back and upper body. So far I have saved up £2,000 and altogether I need around £6,500 (For the surgery, hotel costs and transport costs). If you could spare any sort of change – it would honestly mean the world to me and I promise I will repay the favour at a later date. You can check out my Just Giving page here.

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