School Children Should be Taught About Key Life Issues

When you’re in school you tend to learn about microorganisms, angles, safe sex and tons of other stuff. When I was in school, I learnt an awful lot about lots of different things, but still, to this day they haven’t become useful at all. I’m not saying that my education wasn’t useful, but some of the information I was provided may not be helpful in my future.

Our education systems, whether it is Primary school, Secondary school, College or University is lacking in several areas. Some of the issues that we should be taught include:

  • LGBT+ Issues – As you all know, I am a keen advocate for LGBT+ education. I believe that everybody deserves the right to be educated on key diverse issues to illuminate the chances of bullying, discrimination, and hate crimes. When I was in school we never got taught about LGBT+ issues, we never learnt about safe sex, and we never learnt the true meaning of LGBT+ words and history. We only knew what our friends knew or what we found out, which was more dangerous as we wouldn’t get told the truth, or the true meaning on things. When I came out as transgender I faced a lot of bullying from my peers, and staff members as nobody understood what being transgender meant, and nobody could get their head around it. When I went into college it was the same situation, I was educating everybody around me on who I was and what being transgender meant, which shouldn’t be the case, young people should have a basic understanding on LGBT+ issues. I believe that all children, and young adults shouldn’t feel ashamed to speak up about the lack of LGBT+ education within schools. I have contacted a ton of schools around my local area of Newport and Cwmbran to see if they would be willing to let me go into class rooms and speak and educate students on these issues but I have not been allowed too, I have even contacted schools through charities and they still won’t allow us to go in and talk about these issues which sucks an awful lot.
  • Human Rights – When I was in school I learnt nothing about my human rights, as a child or an adult. We need to learn about our own basic human rights as people, and to ensure that we aren’t being forced to do something that by law, we are not supposed to do and to ensure that we are living, working and being protected within our own human rights.
  • Money – When I was in school I never learnt anything about credit cards, how to save, taxes, mortgages or anything along those lines. Money makes the world go around, we cannot survive without money, we thrive on money, money is something that we need on a daily basis, and we never got taught on how to use our money properly. Thankfully I have had an understanding of money ever since I was a kid, so I knew. But I know so many people who spend their whole months wages within three days, and it’s worrying. We don’t get warned about loan sharks, or interest rates.
  • Pregnancy – We are always taught in school to have safe sex to prevent pregnancies and STD’s. We are brought up that having an STD is shameful and that having a child at a young age is not okay. I know many people who have had many children and before they did have their child, they had no idea on what to do, how to spot signs of illnesses within children, how to change nappies, or what to do during pregnancy. I think that we all, men and women should have basic education on how to be prepared for pregnancy, as well as how to prevent it. Also, Having an STD is nothing to be ashamed off, we all have sex, sometimes we’re more unfortunate than lucky, and it shouldn’t be something shameful of.
  • Mental Health – It is now statistically proven that 1 in 2 people will suffer with a mental health issue once in their life, whether it’s depression, anxiety, addiction, or self harm we will all suffer one way or another. Mental health issues should be spoken about more, we should be taught about the key signs of suicide, or what to do when someone you know is contemplating suicide. Everybody needs to learn that suffering from a mental health issue is nothing to be ashamed off, we should be able to talk openly, we should be able to be honest without judging and we should all be able to know the basic tell tale signs.

Is there any chance of our education system becoming more improved, more vocal and more hands on tasks, more basic education and more key issues being spoken about? I have no clue. But I really hope that it starts to improve soon, or if not, I hope that these issues are being talked about more than they are right now.




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