Gendered Christmas Gifts

It’s that time of the year were you see a ton of gendered Christmas presents everywhere, whether its online, in magazines, television adverts or television programmes.

We see them everywhere “This doll is for a little girl” “This train is for a little boy” “This deodorant is for a woman” “This game is for a man” and it gets to me so much. Why are we brought up from a young age to play, or own certain things. Why isn’t it socially acceptable that girls dress up as batman, why can’t boys play with dolls? Why can’t men wear nail polish and why can’t women enjoy DIY sets?

As a society, we are slowly (I mean slower than slow, but we’re getting somewhere) understanding that we don’t need gendered toys. My little sister adores batman, and superwoman and I love that, I love the fact that she doesn’t care melts my heart, she won’t let anybody tell her what to do, and she loves that.

I sometimes wish, that children can just be children, and adults can just be adults. We shouldn’t feel pressured to like something that we don’t like, we shouldn’t feel ashamed for liking stuff that we like, and we should never do what society tells us too.

If you are a transgender individual, and you do receive a gift that isn’t up your street, go onto Facebook groups and see if anybody is willing to swap items with you, or give them to your local charity shop. Don’t always take it to heart if someone close to you does buy you a gendered gift, sometimes it can take them a while to get their head around a family member being transgender, sometimes they’re too scared to ask questions and sometimes they have no clue on what to do.


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