Transgender Children Need Our Support

Over the last few months transgender children have been the focus of most newspapers, with headlines such as “Sing along children. The skirt on the drag queen goes swish swish swish” in the Sun newspaper and “Church: Let little boys wear tiaras” in the Daily Mail newspaper. Our television programmes are highlighting that being transgender isn’t normal, and some of our television presenters are extremely homophobic, like Piers Morgan for example.

Children are our future leaders, our future doctors, our future teachers, our future MP’s, including transgender children. We need to support these children who are already going through hell, but to make it twice as worse they are being told by some of their family members, journalists, teachers, friends and other members of society that they aren’t normal, and they shouldn’t be this way. Children need to be accepted, children need to learn about LGBT+ issues within schools, teachers need to have proper equality and diversity training and children need to be taken seriously.

49% of transgender children are more suicidal than cisgender children, which is a huge worry within the transgender community. This is due to the lack of education there is in all professions, and education settings.

There was another incident with a school teacher, who was taken out of work pending an investigation had addressed a classroom with a transgender male in there as “Hey girls”, we don’t know what has happened prior to this incident, but when the man in question appeared on this morning he was extremely transphobic, he was trying to justify his reasons with his religion and he wasn’t willing to educate himself. I have had the same issues as these when in education, when I was in college I had a meeting with my head of course who explained that he changed all of my details to male on the college systems but I had to use the disabled toilets when changing for sports, which was dreadful, I was being excluded because of who I am, which isn’t fair, secondly I had a meeting with the same head of year and he told me that “I can change my mind and I shouldn’t let people pressure me into being who I am not”, which I was extremely angered by, I know who I am, nobody will tell me what to do with my life nor tell me who I should be.

There was also an article aimed at Alex Bertie which states that he is a “poster boy” within the young transgender community. Before I came out as transgender, Alex Bertie was one of the only young people that I could relate too. At the age of 14 and 15 I was binge watching Alex’s videos at 3am when I was trying to make sense of myself, and my life. Alex is a poster boy for the transgender community, he is a huge role model for the transgender community and he has helped hundreds, and even thousands of young people as he speaks about real life issues that most young, transgender YouTubers don’t talk about.

A child taking hormone blocking medication isn’t going to cause long lasting effects, all the medication does is delay puberty until the child is old enough to choose whether or not to start hormone replacement therapy (Testosterone or Estrogen). It stops a child from developing breasts, menstruation cycles, penile growth, excess hair, voice changes, the typical changes that happen in puberty.

We are currently in 2017, we need to understand and accept transgender children, teenagers and adults. We need to provide the right education and training, and we need to stop blaming key role models within the community.

1 thought on “Transgender Children Need Our Support”

  1. Well said. I recall feeling completely powerless to come out in school, much as I wanted to. I would love to think those times are behind us, for the children of this generation, but I think we will have to fight to stop the past from rearing its ugly head …


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