National Coming Out Day – 11th of October

Every year on October the 11th the LGBT+ community celebrates National Coming Out Day. Some individuals may come out, some individuals may reflect on their past and some individuals may share some of their stories of being LGBT+.

4 and a half years ago I came out as transgender, and two years ago I came out as gay. For most of my life I have been questioning my sexuality, and gender identity, but after years of confusion, anxiety and worry I am finally happy, and proud of who I am.

National coming out day is a huge day within the LGBT+ community because we all, as a community come together and support each other through our darkest days, through are happiest days and through our struggles. When I first came out I faced challenges, I got bullied, I got harassed, I suffered from mental health issues and I wasn’t happy. Now four years on I am the happiest I have ever been, I’m finally on Hormones, I have a great support network and I’m fighting for a community which is struggling for equality.

Coming out as gay, or lesbian, or bisexual, or transgender etc can be difficult, but when you say those words, it releases a huge amount of stress from your head, and it means that you can authentically be yourself regardless of what people think.

Today I think of those members of our community who are no longer with us, suicide is a huge factor within the LGBT+ Community, I have lost close friends to suicide and today I think of those individuals who couldn’t be themselves due to society never accepting them. I also think of those who live in countries that don’t accept LGBT+ individuals, in some cases individuals may get killed because they love a man, or a woman and it truly breaks my heart.

Coming out can be hard, but it opens doors to an amazing world. I’m proud of every single member of our community whether they are out, or are still in closet, keep your head up, be proud and never let anybody change you.

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