Being Transgender And Taking Part In Sport

As a young child I loved taking part in sports, I loved swimming, rugby and football the most. From a young child up until the age of 11 I took part in swimming every week and I ended up swimming for Cwmbran Otters but that stopped as soon as I moved to Yorkshire, and started to hit puberty.

Since coming out as transgender I have found that there are hardly any sports clubs that have specific Transgender teams. I love playing football, but when it comes to training and clubs, I will have to join female teams as its a policy within the football association which isn’t something for me.

I have been swimming a couple of times since coming out and each experience has been terrible. I would never feel comfortable wearing a bikini or a swimming costume, so whenever I go swimming I swear shorts and T-shirts. Each time I have gone I have been wearing a thermo T-shirt which is perfect for swimming, but each times its been an issue. I took my four year old sister swimming in Newport last summer and I had wore a t-shirt with shorts with no issues occurring or anybody mentioning any issues and then a random life guard came along and said “You either have to take the T-shirt off or you can leave” I tried to explain the fact that I am transgender to the lifeguard but he stated that its policy. I was super upset because I was in no mental, physical or emotional state to take my T-shirt off but I knew my cousin would have screamed the whole place down, in the end I had to carry my cousin out of the swimming pool and I still don’t think shes forgiven me for it.

I think LGB+ and transgender friendly clubs are highly important because it allows LGBT+ individuals to find friends that may be going through similar situations to them, it allows LGBT+ individuals to have a safe space that they know they are accepted in and a range of other reasons. It is sad that clubs or swimming pools won’t cater for the LGBT+ community because there is a lot of factors as to why an LGBT+ individual may not take part in sports and sometimes these factors aren’t taken into consideration when you do play for a club that doesn’t specify as an LGBT+ friendly club.

There are two LGBT+ clubs located in Cardiff, if you click the links below then you can check them out;

LGBT Sport Cymru

Cardiff Dragons FC

I have been nominated for an award!!!

I have recently been nominated for the positive role model within the LGBT+ Community, which is awarded by the national diversity awards here in the UK. If you would like to vote for me, check out the link here.

LGBT+ Me Project Flyer

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