Why is social media and technology taking over our lives?

When I was a child I would be up at the crack of dawn getting ready to go outside to play with friends and I would go home when the street lights turned on. I was going on adventures, climbing up trees, climbing through bushes, playing sports or just getting super muddy. The first time I had an item of technology was a gameboy when I was around 6 years old but I didn’t rely on it on a daily basis, I would go hours or even days without playing with it. I had my first laptop / phone at the age of 10, but just like my gameboy I didn’t rely on them.

Now these day’s you will never see me away from my phone or my laptop. Technology is something I use on a daily basis, whether its for essay writing, researching, writing a blog or watching films. Sadly I am not the only person who is reliant on technology these day’s, there are young children as young as 3 using technology, whether it be games, apps, watching videos or TV shows.

Children are surrounded by technology where ever they go, whether it is using iPad’s in school, using parents phones or using their own technology. It seems that these days parents will use technology to make their children happy and quiet, which is worrying.

In this day and age the younger generation is spending more time indoors than before, they don’t get too see the wildlife, the countryside and they don’t get to truly understand what being a child is about.

Technology is slowly taking over the world as well, which is worrying. People are loosing their jobs because technology is doing it for them, teachers are no longer using white boards because iPad’s can do a quicker and easier jobs and restaurants have now installed apps to get delivered to an individuals table.

I love talking to customers whenever I am working and I love speaking to employees whenever I visit a store, but these days it doesn’t seem to happen. When I worked in the petrol station I tried to make a conversation with all customers and only the odd 10% would have a conversation with me, people only ever talked to me if they wanted to know if we had contact less or if they wanted alcohol or cigarettes. In McDonald’s they now have kiosks where you order your food, stand in the queue and collect your items, it doesn’t allow you to have a conversation with employee’s about their job, how their day is going or even asking how they are.

People need to realise that there is a life behind your phone screen and laptop screen, I have realised this much more recently. If you are eating food with your family talk to them, rather than looking at your phone. If you are out for a meal with friends don’t take your phone with you and talk to each other and if you are going out for a meal in general go up and order your food by speaking to a person, because they probably feel useless in the job that they are in.

Social media is also something that has taken over most people’s lives, social media can be a deadly but the most positive thing do to online and here are some examples as to why;

Some of the positives of social media;

  • Outreach – You can reach out to long lost friends, family, school members or teachers. If you haven’t spoken to anybody in a while you can just click onto Facebook, search the individuals name and it automatically comes up. It can allow you to make emends and remember the past if you are in the older generation.
  • Making friends – For me social media was a god send when I was struggling with my mental health and gender identity. One of the only places were I felt I could be comfortable and honest was Twitter. I made so many great friends on Twitter over the last 6 years and to this day, I am still close to those individuals. If you feel as if you cannot be honest with those around you people online are your most reliable.
  • Businesses – Businesses these days relay on social media to get customers drawn in, which is a wonderful idea. If people spend hours on social media they are bound to see businesses pop up on their timeline. Businesses can reach global levels with the items they sell which is perfect for them.
  • Spread a message – Say you lost your child’s teddy in the middle of Cardiff shopping centre? All you have to do it jump on social media, post a picture and bio about this teddy and there is a chance that you can relocate it. You can spread thousands of messages on social media whether its about an illness, death, lost item or news.
  • Campaigning – If you want to campaign about something whether its an illness, a disability, gender identity or child abuse standing in the streets shouting your head off about the subject isn’t going to make people listen, but using social media does. Social media has a high platform of campaigners worldwide due to people reaching out on social media to find people who are going through the same situations as them.

Some of the negatives of social media;

  • People are using it at a young age – Young people and children are using social media at such a young age, I started using social media when I was 13 which is an acceptable age. I know children who have Instagram accounts and Facebook accounts at the age of 9/10 which I think is disrespectful. Children at that age don’t understand how to use social media correctly, they are at risk of predictors and they are more likely to get bullied even worse.
  • Bullying can take place – Recently all the news has been highlighting teenagers that are killing themselves due to being bullied massively online, except this has been happening for years but it is now only become an issue. When you are getting bullied in school, you put up with it for 5 hours and its gone, with social media it is happening constantly and teenagers are too afraid to speak up about it which may result in them being distant from society, being distant from family and friends, disliking their favourite activities, becoming depressed or harming themselves, and that isn’t a way to live. Children, Young adults and adults deserve to go on social media and for it to be a positive experience not a negative one.
  • Revenge porn can happen – Revenge porn isn’t spoken about as much as it should. Revenge porn is when you share around images or videos of a sexual manner to other people. It is important to remember that being in possession of these images and videos is illegal unless all of the individuals involved have given consent and secondly it is highly illegal to show other people / share those images and videos of individuals without their permission. Revenge porn is a very rare case but if it does happen report it to the police immediately.

Social media can be deadly to some, but a god send to others. If you are using social media you need to ensure that you use it correctly. Make sure you have strong passwords, you don’t disclose all of your details and you only share things that you feel are correct. If you are getting bullied online, here are some charities to speak too;

  • Your local police
  • Childline
  • Your school
  • Any parents and guardians
  • Stop Bullying

Keep safe and look after yourself on social media.

I have been nominated for an award!!!

I have recently been nominated for the positive role model within the LGBT+ Community, which is awarded by the national diversity awards here in the UK. If you would like to vote for me, check out the link here.

LGBT+ Me Project Flyer

1 thought on “Why is social media and technology taking over our lives?”

  1. Thanks for speaking out about the pros and cons of social media. I enjoyed reading this article and feel the same way you do! I would like to add that human connection is important in whatever ways we can find it, but in my personal opinion no technology will ever be able to replace giving/receiving hugs and high fives!


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