The Top 9 Transgender Myths Being Tackled

There are so many myths surrounding the Transgender community and I am going to tackle some of the top 9 myths that people always think;

  1. Transgender people live crazy lives – Most of the myths that surround transgender people is that we live crazy life styles which include being drag performers, drugs, prostitution or partying like the world is going to end tomorrow. A small majority of the community may do this, but most of us are everyday citizens with jobs, a family and friends. Some transgender people may work on television, in offices, as doctors or lawyers. Image result for man in an office gif
  2. Transgender people are confused – If people don’t fit into gender norms or sexuality norms (Like cisgender and heterosexual) then people automatically assume that you are confused, when in actual fact a transgender individual isn’t confused. It can sometimes be an issue for those to understand what it is like to be transgender as they aren’t going through the situation so they assume that we are all just confused humans, when it isn’t the case. A transgender person knows what their gender isImage result for transgender gif
  3. Transgender are mentally disturbed – It is true that many transgender individuals suffer from a mental illness, but it’s not because of their gender identity alone. Some transgender individuals may suffer from mental illnesses from the way society views them, harassment that they face from those around them, they may have been possibly disowned or their gender dysphoria may be effecting their day to day life. All transgender people are faced with a lot more mental and emotional stress compared to a cisgender individual. Image result for mental illness gif
  4. Transgender people are gay – This is highly wrong, a transgender woman may be attracted to woman and identify as a lesbian, Transgender men may be attracted to men and identify as gay. Transgender people can also be straight, I know plenty of transgender individuals who are straight. Also if I transgender man is going out with another male, it doesn’t make them a straight couple, this is important to remember as they are two males in a relationship which ultimately makes them gay.Image result for sexuality gif
  5. Transgender people hate their bodies – It makes sense that a person who identifies as a woman might be uncomfortable in her male body and vise versa but this isn’t the case for every transgender individual. One of the biggest myths is that a transgender individual goes through the whole surgical treatment and hormone therapy treatment, which isn’t the case. Some transgender individuals may decide to only have hormones, or only have hormones and top surgery or the whole process. Every person feels more comfortable in different ways and it is important to highlight that. Image result for transgender gif
  6. Transgender people perform drag shows – Drag kings and queens take part in drag shows for comical and theatrical reasons. They were born male, they dress up as female for comical / theatrical reasons and they go back to bed as male. Transgender individuals do not identify as transgender for comical reasons. Image result for transgender gif
  7. You can tell someone is transgender just by looking at them – It is actually known that you cannot tell if someone is transgender by looking at them. In our society people express themselves in different ways. For example some woman may appear more masculine than feminine and some men may appear more feminine than masculine, but this doesn’t mean that they are transgender. Image result for feminine man gif
  8. Transgender people aren’t “real” men or women – This is one of the most hurtful comments within the transgender community, and I know for a fact when someone tells me that I am not a real man I feel very ashamed and sad about who I truly am and I feel as if I am not being taken seriously. Everybody should be given the right to identify as whoever they want, whether its a transgender male, transgender female, gender queer or non binary. Our biological sex should not matter! Image result for transgender gif
  9. Transgender people are weird – When you are introduced to something knew whether its an Asian person, a gay individual, identical twins or a transgender individuals you always assume that they are weird because they don’t understand what it is like and it is something they have never experienced before. Transgender people aren’t weird, we are just like everybody else, we are humans, we have feelings, we have hope and we have dreams.Image result for transgender gif

I have been nominated for an award!!!

I have recently been nominated for the positive role model within the LGBT+ Community, which is awarded by the national diversity awards here in the UK. If you would like to vote for me, check out the link here.

LGBT+ Me Project Flyer

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