We All Have Flaws Right?

From when I was in school at the age of 4 until I was 16 I got picked on because of my biggest flaws. Each and every person on this earth has a flaw, whether its their teeth, weight or a birth mark.

Some of my flaws can effect me on a daily basis, and some others don’t. Some of my main flaws are;

  • My Weight – My weight has been an issue for a few years. Whenever I feel sad, down or bored I will eat food. Food to be is a comfort blanket, which can sometimes be extreme. Recently people have been commenting about my weight saying that I have gained more weight, which yes I expect, I’m a university student who doesn’t have any idea on how to cook. The way I look weight wise stresses me out, sometimes I feel the need to diet but I never have the motivation. Society and individual within society tell me that I should be a muscular, athletically fit man, which isn’t the case I am a pretty unhealthy, chubby guy and I’m not shamed of that! IMG_4689
  • My Teeth – As a child I was bullied because of my teeth, I had huge goofy teeth that we’re just dreadful. I would have teeth on top of each other, crooked teeth and I hate teeth that overlapped. From the age of around 8 I was put on the orthodontic list for braces because they knew that I would need them. Having such dreadful teeth would result in me not smiling in photos or being extremely self conscious when I did smile. I had braces for 3 years, two different jaw breaking’s and retainers for 2 years. I can now happily say I am finally happy with my teeth, but it caused me an awful lot of pain and aggravation. You can see the image below on how bad they were. IMG_4691
  • My “Flat Chest” – I was born female, so I have breasts and as a result on that on a daily basis I swear a binder which is made of material to make my chest appear flatter. My chest has got to be one of my biggest flaws on a daily to say regards as I constantly think about it. When I got shopping I either say “This look perfect” or “My chest won’t look flat in this”. I constantly have to check in the mirror to ensure that my best is still flat, and if there are no mirrors around I have to ask my friends. I will be getting top surgery in a few years time which means that I will no longer have breasts which can make my gender dysphoria and everyday life that little bit easier.
  • My Scars – My scars are a bit of a funny flaw. Around 6 years ago I began self harming, which is what my scars are from, I was in a dark place hurting myself and its left these marks which will probably be on my body forever. Some people would say that this flaw is my own fault, but I don’t agree due to the fact that I wasn’t in the right frame of mind and I can barley remember doing it. Over the years I have received comments from everyone telling me that I should hide my scars away and that I shouldn’t have them on show because I am “Attention seeking” which is rubbish, if I am boiling hot and wearing a jumper or long sleeved t shirt then I need to pull my sleeves up/take that jumper off. My scars show a part of a story that is difficult to explain, Yes I am ashamed of my scars, but no I will never hide them.
  • My Birth Mark – My birth mark was only noticeable when I shaved my head off for charity last year, but everybody kept on mentioning it. It’s on the back of my head and apparently its quite big, but I cant see it so I wouldn’t know. I would always panic in case people would notice it, but slowly it never got spoken about. Birth marks are caused by the cluster of pigmented cells, although the reason on why they occur is unknown. Most people I know have a birth mark, whether its on their face, their legs or their hands, some birth marks are more visible than others, and at the end of the day it is a part of me, and I shouldn’t feel the need to hide it.

Sometimes people may treat their flaws by surgery or beauty procedures, or some people may leave their flaws alone and learn to love them. Sometimes I have resulted to surgery and sometimes I just leave my flaws alone but it depends on each person.

Everybody has flaws, but I have slowly learnt to keep my head held high and be who I truly am, Nobody should ever let their flaws define them or stop them from doing what they truly want to do with their life.

If we didn’t have flaws we’d all be the same, which to be fair that would be boring. Your flaw makes you unique to the millions of other people worldwide which I think, is special and magical.

Remember you’re perfect with your flaws!

I have been nominated for an award!!!

I have recently been nominated for the positive role model within the LGBT+ Community, which is awarded by the national diversity awards here in the UK. If you would like to vote for me, check out the link here.

LGBT+ Me Project Flyer

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