Gender expectations

When a woman is pregnant there are the usual comments that include “I wonder if ill be buying blue or pink”, which bugs me an awful lot. Why does the colour pink have to be associated with girls and why does blue have to be associated with boys?.

As a child you have these expectations to follow “girl traits” or boy traits”. For example girls are expected to do ballet, netball, swimming and dancing. Boys are expected to take part in rugby, football and athletics. Why can’t children do the sports that they love? When I was in Primary school I loved rugby and football but when I was in year 5 aged 10 I got told that I was no longer allowed to play rugby due to being a girl, I was truly heartbroken.

When you are an adult women and men are expected to follow certain professions, women are supposed to be nurses, teachers, baby sitters etc. Men are expected to be working in businesses, surgeons or engineers. Which shouldn’t be the case, if someone is passionate and loves to do something then it shouldn’t be based on gender.

Children and adults should be able to do the sports or profession they want to do, regardless of the gender they were born as or identify as.

Since coming out as transgender I have explored my outer identity more and I enjoy being feminine, i’m happy being a feminine guy and I shouldn’t be ashamed of that, but in our society is is deemed bad for some bizarre reason. Yes I was born female, Yes I am a transgender male but being feminine doesn’t make me any less of a man.

If you’re a transgender male who loves wearing make-up or you’re feminine then your identity isn’t taken seriously by those around you which breaks my heart because only the individual in question knows why they truly are.

If you’re a transgender female loves playing “Masculine sports” and hates make-up and dress then once again your identity isn’t taken seriously.

Every human is different, we shouldn’t have to live up to society’s expectations. We are in control of what we do, we know who we are and we shouldn’t let anybody define us or tell us how we should live.

I have been nominated for an award!!!

I have recently been nominated for the positive role model within the LGBT+ Community, which is awarded by the national diversity awards here in the UK. If you would like to vote for me, check out the link here.

LGBT+ Me Project Flyer

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