Biphobia is an issue that is rarely spoken about within the LGBT+ Community. Biphobia occurs when an individual dislikes or is prejudice towards a bisexual individual.

Biphobia occurs on a daily basis, and recently I encountered it. One of the most common used terms towards a bisexual individual is that they are ‘greedy’ due to being sexually attracted to men, and women. In fact, bisexual individuals aren’t greedy they just love everybody regardless.

Bisexual individuals do not choose to be bisexual, but they do choose to be open and happy about it.

Transphobia and homophobia is spoken about on a daily basis in news articles, online and in day to day conversations, but biphobia is hardly ever spoken about. Individuals who are faced with biphobia may not want to approach others for help, or want to report it as the individual may feel as if they aren’t taken seriously which is worrying, because the report rates of bisexual people are low which is serious.

If you are bisexual, and you are facing biphobia, make sure you report it to ensure that you are being treated in the correct manor regardless of your sexuality. If you are witnessing biphobia, stand up to it, inform the people that what they are doing is a hate crime and support the individual who is being affected.

Also remember not to use biphobia as everyday slang or as a joke, it isn’t a slang word, it is a sexuality.

We need to ensure that biphobia is no longer a taboo issue.

I have been nominated for an award!!!

I have recently been nominated for the positive role model within the LGBT+ Community, which is awarded by the national diversity awards here in the UK. If you would like to vote for me, check out the link here.


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