Party In The Parc & Pride Cymru 2016

I have been waiting all year for Pride Cymru to come around again as I have never felt so excited for an event before! Before you read my blog post can you please Sign this petition to keep Pride Cymru on Coopers Field.

Party In The Parc | 12th August 2016 –

Just after I met Years & Years at BBC Radio 1 Pride Cymru announced Party In The Parc with Years & Years being their headlining act, which made me hyperventilate on so many levels, simply because my ultimate crush and favorite band was coming to Cardiff (which rarely happens!).

The day was pretty hectic before the event started. Me and Kieren had to take some stock and gazebos over to the field which proved to be a handful task, because of me. Once we took all of the stock and items over to the field me and Kieren helped out anywhere we could, which ranged from putting the gazebo’s up, taking them back down, carrying band’s equipment onto the stage, and just lending a hand whenever we needed to be used.

After doing everything I had to do I went to the VIP area and spoke with Nathan Wyburn and Wayne for a while about Olly and whilst we was talking Olly and the band were on stage doing their sound check, the sun was out and nobody else was around, which was blissful.

From the moment I knew Olly was coming to Cardiff I was determined to see him again, and have a catch up. But for some reason I was super worried that I wouldn’t be allowed to even say hello, let alone talk to him. But after a long chat with the chair of Pride Cymru and one of the trustee’s I decided to go backstage and get a ‘cup of tea’ in case anybody was asking!. I headed backstage and Olly and his band were right in front of me as they were just about to leave the field to go for their food which was perfect timing for me! By this point I was shaking as I still haven’t mastered my nerves when it comes to meeting famous people. We went straight in for the hug, Olly said ‘Its Alex right?’ and at that point I almost died. He asked me what I’m doing with my life, my plans for the future, We spoke about Troye Sivan and I wished him luck for tonight and then got a picture together, and afterwards I made my cup of tea that I originally went for!

After meeting Olly and being excited for hours I met up with my best friend Chelsea and we chilled with everyone from Pride until Years & Years came on. I have never seen Chelsea so happy to be sitting at a table with Robyn from Casualty! My favorite headlining act for Years & Years was Nimmo, I have loved Nimmo for quite a while and seeing them live was amazing!.

Years & Years has most definitely topped Sam Smith in my ‘seen live’ list, The band knew how to put on the show and they performed amazingly which is very rare for most artists.

Here are the pictures from Party In The Parc –


Pride Cymru | 13th August 2016 –

On the morning of Pride Cymru 2016 I was awake at 4am so I could do 4 hours in work before rushing to Cardiff to be a part of the parade. This year Pride Cymru was having the balloons spelling PRIDE on their parade again, and I had the honor to hold one of the letters next to some remarkable, inspiring and outstanding members of the LGBT community. Holding the letter P was Ian Watkins or as he is formally known H from steps, R was artist Nathan Wyburn, I was Paul Davies who is Mr Gay Wales, D was me, and E was Mr leather Wales. Having me in that combination was very random, but as Pride Cymru’s Young Person Champion it was needed, and I felt pretty special on the day.

As the parade started we had the Samba drums behind us, so I was on ITV news/BBC news dancing along with Mr Gay Wales with no cares in the world, Looking back at the videos now it makes me feel very anxious but at that moment in time I felt as if I could be myself without anybody judging me. Overall the experiences were amazing, the images are amazing and I feel like I have made some great new friends once again. You can see the images from the parade at the end of this blog!.

For most of the day I dotted around the field helping out everywhere I could, whether it was Helen in Access, the ticket office, backstage or just wondering around. I managed to meet a few people that know me and have a good chat and I also managed to see my friend Daisy Blue perform which was fantastic!

One of my dreaded fears of Pride this year was once again speaking on stage, Last year was completely different because there was Myself, Amy James, Dan, Lu and Nathan so we were all in the same boat, but this year it was just me, myself and I. Most of my day was filled with anxiety as I had no idea on what I was saying, and I was a bag of nerves which was why I kept myself busy for the whole day.

It got to around 4:30pm when I hit my lowest point of the day. I was walking into Cardiff with Tracey and just completely broke down in tears as I was tired, hungry, dehydrated and so nervous. Thankfully Tracey kept me on the straight and narrow like she usually does (Thank you!). By this time there was a call out for me to go onto the stage, but as I was an emotional wreck I had to wait a while.

Originally me and Nathan were going to go onto the stage and do a Q&A sort of speech where he asked me three questions and I answered them, but just before I went on the whole plan changed. Instead me and Mr Gay Wales spoke on the stage and all I can say is wow, what an amazing moment to cherish. I spoke about being Pride Cymru’s Young Person Champion, what I have been doing over the last 12 months and about the Youth Council and of course I thanked Pride for the amazing opportunities that they have given me. After my speech whilst still on the stage Paul said some amazing things, which brought tears into my eyes, he said that I’m shaping the future, that I am an inspiration to many and that I can go a long way which means the world to me, and afterwards I said that exact same thing to him. The crowd was amazing and I’m so glad I did it in the end, as once again I have proved myself wrong by speaking in front of the 10,000 people that were in the crowd.

You can check out this clip below by Nathan Wyburn and Wayne Courtney about the whole day: 

Check out their twitter account’s – Nathans & Wayne’s & Wyburn&Wayne

The rest of the day was spent singing along to Danny Beard, B*witched and consuming my whole body weight in alcohol. But once again I feel as if I have gained a whole bunch of new, amazing and inspiring friends as well as made some amazing memories. Pride Cymru 2016, you smashed it!

Here are some of the Pictures from Pride Cymru:

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  1. Well done Alex, you smashed it!! We are all so proud of the man you are becoming, kind, compassionate, humble, funny and of course handsome. Love you and keep up the awesome work xx

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