Lets reflect on the last 12 months..

A year ago today I was on ITV Wales which is super crazy because it feels like weeks ago it was aired. So I thought it would be an acceptable time to go through each charity/organisation that has helped me in these last 12 months:

Fixers UK:

I came across Fixers in the summer of 2014, I’m still unsure on how but I’m thankful that I did. I first had my meeting in October of 2014, when I had my swollen face and I could barley talk, But I was determined to make a change for the transgender community. My initial idea was to create a sign for a bus stop which raised awareness of the transgender community, as I wanted my project to be aimed at the older generation and the best way to educate the older generation is bus stop signs. As the weeks went on my idea changed into a poster for schools, coffee shops and anywhere they can go. We decided to get it printed in Welsh and English as it can be used anywhere in Wales.

In January 2015 I had the photo shoot for the poster. Myself, Jenny and Joe had no idea what photos to take, so we did a large variety of images to use, Here are some of them:

Straight after the photo shoot we all headed to a cafe to come up with different designs for the poster, which was such a hard decision, but we came to a decision in the end.

In May 2015 I signed up for the ‘hugs for Stephen day’ which you can read here. It was an amazing experience and I enjoyed every single moment of it.

On the 4th of June 2015 I was on ITV Wales which changed my life in an amazing way! It helped me spread my story on a larger scale and opened up so many opportunities for me. You can watch my ITV Wales clip Here.

In June again I attended the feeling happy eating fix with my friend Savannah, I went along to support Savannah because I knew how good it would be for her to attend the event.

Fixers had also nominated me for a Diana Award, which I won, and they have included me in some of their videos like the this week at fixers episode.

If it wasn’t for Fixers, I wouldn’t have the motivation, courage or determination to carry out my campaigning work, so to everyone at Fixers, THANK YOU!

Pride Cymru:

I applied for Pride Cymru’s Young Person Champion in July 2015 (Roughly), as after ITV Wales I was twice as determined to make a change.

I heard of Pride Cymru at the end of July and I had to attending a meeting with themselves. The meeting was pretty funny, I had just finished my shift in McDonald’s and Rushed into Cardiff, so I looked dreadful. It was then that I found out that I was the Young Person Champion.

Pride has helped me in way’s that I can’t explain. Before the Pride Cymru event last summer I couldn’t speak in front of a class of 20 people, But then I was on stage speaking to thousands of people, which did scare me, but it has helped me with my confidence. Pride has also taught me that I need a dramatic change in my organisation skills, which is still ongoing but I will get there!

With Pride Cymru we have had different events which included:

Pride Cymru has helped me once again open so many new doors. They have given me so many opportunities and I know that much more will be happening in the next couple of months!

#Iwill campaign:

I came across #Iwill last year and in August I had an email off them saying that I was one of their ambassadors for 2015, which was mind blowing for me. In November myself and Tracey from Pride Cymru headed to the event where I met HRH Prince Charles, and I met so many other young inspirational people. Here are some of the opportunities that #Iwill has given me:

#Iwill has allowed me to share my story in different areas that I have never imagined, I never imagined being on BBC Radio 1, I never imagined meeting HRH Prince Charles and I never imagined being praised for the work I’m doing. So thank you!!

Diana Award:

I received my Diana Award in April and one thing that I have learnt from the Diana Award is that I can do anything if I put my mind too it, and that I can always try again even if I fall.


I can’t get over how amazing and crazy these last twelve months have been, I have achieved so much at such a young age, and I’m hoping to still work very closely with these charities as I want to expand my campaigning.

I would Like to say a massive thank you to these charities as they have helped me an awful lot, and I wouldn’t have the courage or the voice that I currently have. So once again, thank you!

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