Are you really ‘not trans enough’ to be transgender?

This transphobic language constantly flies across the transgender community from person to person, when in fact if someone identifies as transgender, they are transgender.

If a transgender male loves to wear dresses on occasion, doesn’t want hormones or surgery, or simply isn’t out to anyone close to him, He is still transgender.

If a transgender female loves to wear jeans and a shirt, doesn’t want surgery or hormones and simply isn’t out to anyone, She is still transgender.

If a non-binary individual has more ‘female’ moments than male, then they’re still transgender regardless.

In the summer of 2014 I experienced the worst amount of hate crime I have ever endured, by someone who was also transgender. I haven’t spoken about this experience in great detail, as to this day it still makes me feel sick and angry.

One day on twitter one of my followers (we I had been speaking to for a while), asked if she could call me, so I happily gave her my mobile number because I trusted her, and that was one of my biggest regrets. The harassment happened over a period of 3 months, which felt like the longest three months of my life.  Her boyfriend (who was transgender) would ring me constantly, abuse me constantly, text me constantly. This all occurred as I wasn’t seeking medical help/didn’t change my name at the time, which was due to family issues. So he was adamant that I wasn’t transgender and it was all for attention. Some of the messages I received included:

  • ‘I am hoping and praying you either get murdered or kill yourself’ – 28th July 2014.
  • ‘You look like a girl,you sound like one, you have periods, you moan about everything, you go on about everything that’s wrong with you.’ – 29th September 2014.

I can’t find anymore comments due to changing phones recently, but I had a terrible time with their hate, they wished I had cancer, they told me they were going to kill my younger sister. After being a victim of such disgusting hate crime, I shut myself away from everyone and everything in my life. I became more depressed, more sad and more alone than I have ever felt. But from this experience enhanced the journey I am currently on, I do not want any other transgender person experiencing this whatsoever as it hurts, it is demoralizing and it makes you feel worthless.

Thankfully it has all ended now and I have no contact with them whatsoever.

Within our community I have witnessed so many comments going around about different people. It’s not just me  who has been a victim of this, there are a whole lot more individuals who aren’t as open with the hate they have witnessed. Sometimes it gets out of hand and someone who isn’t strong enough may not take it well, it could result in something even more serious. EVERY TRANSGENDER PERSON IS VALID, REGARDLESS OF YOUR OPINIONS!! 

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