I have been nominated for a national award??

On the 20th May this year I received an email saying I have been nominated for a National Diversity Award..

The National Diversity Awards ­ a prestigious black tie event, which celebrates the excellent achievements of grass- root communities that tackle the issues in today’s society, giving them recognition for their dedication and hard work.

The National Diversity Awards will be held in Liverpool, September 16th 2016 where there are several award categories including Positive Role Model and Community Organisation Awards, which will be split into five categories including race & religion/faith, age, disability, gender and LGBT. Other awards include the Entrepreneur of Excellence Award, Diverse Company of the Year Award and Lifetime Achiever Award.’ – The National Diversity Award.

When I found out that I had been nominated for this award I was ecstatic, reading through the list of individuals who have been nominated was amazing. Some of the individuals I have been looking up to for some time, Like Hannah Winterbourne and Jake Graf are also nominees for the same award I am nominated for is unreal.

I am currently going through a patch of thought’s which include ‘Do I really deserve this?’ , ‘Have I done so much to deserve this?’, but I have come to realise a few things..

Firstly within the older generation there is a huge stigma around young people, The older generations think we’re ‘lazy, trouble, useless’, and being nominated for this award shine’s some limelight on what my generation does. I may fight for transgender rights but I have friends who stand up against HIV, Volunteer endlessly for different charities like Oxfam or St Johns Ambulance. The older generation never gets to witness what my generation does on a day to day basis whilst volunteering, working or learning.

Secondly around 3 years ago I took to social media to help others with mental illnesses {I haven’t spoken about this openly in a while}, and this is where my campaigning first came alight. I used to/still do suffer with mental health issues, and I felt so passionate about helping others, but most people in my school told me it was a ‘pointless dream’ that will never happen. But through hard work, determination, tears, smiles and amazing opportunities I have gotten to where I want to be today, due to the negative comments I had. On a rare occasion I may speak to someone that I went to high school with and they usually say ‘You have achieved such amazing things, you should be proud of yourself’ which is what makes me keep going. Who else in my school can say they’ve achieved some of the things I have achieved so far?

Even if I don’t get shortlisted for this award, I am still thankful for every opportunity that life has given me, as I never imagined doing the stuff I am currently doing.

You can check out my nomination Here – Voting ends on the 20th June 2016.

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