I personally haven’t wrote a personal blog post in such a long time, but considering its 12am on a Thursday night I thought why not?!. I thought I would write a short update on the last 3 months of my life, which has been crazy, emotional, sad, happy, exciting and eyeopening!

January –

After Christmas and New Year I decided that I needed an extra few stress free weeks off. With the stress of college, campaigning and working all in one life is a massive ball of stress, but I know in the end it will all work out!

1st January – I had my overall blog views for 2015 and altogether I had 32,817 blog views worldwide, which to me is a massive achievement. Going into 2016 I had a positive mind set which has helped me an awful lot! On this day, Tyler Oakley also favourited my tweet, which made me cry and super excited at the same time because Tyler Oakley is a massive inspiration of mine!


4th January – Eastenders showed its first ever transgender actor playing a transgender character, which is amazing as the transgender is slowly being understood and a television program is willing to highlight that is amazing!!

12th January – I went on a little ‘date’ and I got my brand new glasses!! It was such a positive day, although nothing came out of it. And now I can finally see!


16th January – I went to London for the first time ever on my own?? I remember the day so well, I was so scared about travelling on my own, but I did it and I learnt an awful lot from it. On that day I traveled down to London for a photo shoot with the Being Me Campaign. Here is a little blurb of their website:

The #BeingMeCampaign is all about celebrating any differences you have, we believe it’s awesome to be who you are and we should celebrate our differences. We know many young people and adults are made to feel like an outcast on a daily basis because of a difference that makes them, them. This could be because of their sexuality, gender identity, disability, ethnicity, hair colour, body type etc.

Our campaign is all about celebrating these little/big things that make us all unique. We want everyone to be proud of their differences, that’s why we have created the #BeingMeCampaign to support each other and share stories about people’s difference, so no one feels alone.

We want everyone to know that “IT’S OK TO BE YOU!”

Tracy Shayler and Kieran Stanbridge launched the campaign and it’s such an amazing and time worthy campaign, which is why I decided to be a part of it! It was an eye opening experience, I got lost for 2 and a half hours, I met some amazing people and I enjoyed myself. Having done one photo shoot previously with Fixers, I wasn’t used to it so I was nervous of course but I started to feel more comfortable!

I met Trent and Luke, which was amazing. Myself and my cousin constantly watch their videos and he was in slight disbelief when I met them, bless him. I also met Rakhee Thakrar who is mostly known as Shabnam of Eastenders!, It’s really weird how some of the most famous people in the television/Youtube community are the most genuine people ever!

The only downside to that trip to London was that there wasn’t any Weatherspoons around, does London have them or is it just a Wales restaurant?

18th January – On this day I made one of the biggest decisions I have ever had to make. In September I had an appointment booked with the hormone specialist in London which had been arranged for the middle of February. But after recently leaving McDonald’s and starting my brand new job I was struggling for cash, which was a massive issue with going privately. Myself and my friends at college mentioned that we all wanted to go on a caravan holiday this summer and I spoke to my mum about the whole situation and she basically said ‘You’re young now, why not live your life a little and then start hormones, because it will always be there whether its this year, next year or in 5 years’ and that stuck in my head all day, and I decided to cancel my appointment because mentally I knew I could wait a while as I was too busy to worry about dysphoria. Although I have rebooked my appointment I still feel like I made the best decision on that day.

20th January – On the 20th of January I was 2 and a half Years clean from self harm, which was once again an amazing achievement for me.

23rd January – In 2012 I got kicked out of my religious studies lesson as I was ‘messing around too much’, so I was sat on the stairs and decided to go onto twitter to talk to some people, and that was when I met my best friend Kirsten. Since the day I spoke to Kirsten until this day I have trusted her an awful lot, and she will forever be my best friend. For years I have been promising to travel up to Glasgow and see her, but I have never had the money too. So on the 23rd of January I booked my return tickets to Glasgow for July this year! I’m so so so excited!!

29th January – I let my friends give me a make over..Enjoy:



And that’s it for January 2016, Looking back now January was such a good and inspiring month for me. I didn’t actually know I did all of this stuff until now!

February – 

February was the month I gained some responsibility! (Read more and you’ll understand!)

1st February  – LGBT History month took place throughout February and on the first Pride Cyrmu and Iris Prize came together to show some short films about religion and being LGBT+..It was an amazing night and this is my favorite picture ever as I tried to ensure that I wasn’t in it!

*To be fair in February I shared way to many GIF’s of Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan*

8th February  – I first introduced my blog project idea!!! Which you can see throughout my blog where anybody can share their stories!

11th February – I was in work doing what I needed to do and BOOM I had a rainbow shining over my tattoo which looked absolutely fantastic:

12th February – This is the day I gained some independence! My family went on holiday whilst I stayed at home, so I was home alone for the whole weekend which was pretty amazing..

Me and my friend decided to leave college early and go to her house where I met her adorable puppies!! And then in the evening I got a tiny bit drunk with my two friends, which was an amazing night!:

14th February – I decided to go out to Newport in the night and this picture occurred:

15th February –I had my first email of BBC radio 1 regarding their 1 million hours volunteering project! Which has been an amazing experience!

18th February – Tyler Oakley tweeted me again!!


20th February – On the 20th February 2013 I came out as transgender, so on this date it was my 3rd anniversary of being, Alex. I wrote this;

3 years ago today I opened the largest door I could ever open. 3 years ago today I became honest with myself and the others around me. 3 years ago today I asked the world to perceive and accept me as Alex. 3 years ago today my life changed in a way I never imagined it.

On the 20th of February 2013 I came out as transgender. Some people may not see this as a massive issue, but for me it has been life saving. Over the last 3 years I have endured bullying, death threats, abuse, assaults, hate comments, and discrimination. I got bullied for being a “tranny”, “attention seeker”, “shim” etc. I quite frankly remember being that lost and lonely 15 year old with no hope in the world, but wow I was extremely wrong. I was kicked down when I was at my lowest and I simply decided to rise above it.

Now I’m an extremely happy, healthy and thankful young man to be stood here today sharing my story and slowly helping others. I did it, I made it out alive. I have made my dreams into a reality, I have proved all of the bullies wrong. I’ve met some amazing people along the way and proved the bully’s wrong. I have survived this and I will carry on fighting.

I just want to say a massive thank you to everybody who has been here for the last 3 years, whether you’ve been a part of my journey for the whole 3 years, or 3 days. I am thankful for every single person who has supported me and every person that has helped me achieve my dreams. Thank you.

24th February – Fixers UK messaged me and asked me to write on a piece of paper as to why i’m fixing the future ( #fixingthefuture ) and here is the result:


February was a pretty quiet month for me, which I am extremely thankful for as I needed a quiet month!

March –

March, oh March!

1st March – The first of March I came across a quote which Sam Smith said ‘I stand here tonight as a proud gay man and I hope we can all stand together as equals one day’

4th March – I traveled down to London, for Trent and Luke’s meet up (Yay). It was such an amazing day and I got to meet a ton of lovely people. Here are some of the pictures:

6th March – Timehop always makes me cringe, but it truly shows how happy I have gotten over the last few years, here is my most recent one:

9th March – I posted my third YouTube video, although I did want to have an ongoing channel life is a bit hectic to carry it on, for the time being. So here is my YouTube video from Trent and Luke’s meet up:

10th March – I had a phone call of a radio company in Glasgow asking me to talk to them about Pride!, so I now have my interview in July when I visit Glasgow for a week!

11th March – My first night out ‘gay clubbing’ in Cardiff..and lets say it was an extremely funny but messy night. I left my best friends house at 9:30pm and got back home at 05:45am, but at 2pm I had work so I was extremely hungover and felt like crying. But it was an amazing night and I can’t wait to do it again!:

14th March – I had another phone call of BBC Radio 1 and they asked me to travel down to London for the interview (See further down).

15th March – One of my closest friend’s and favorite bloggers nominated me for a Liebster award!! Here is the blog post for the award: Liebster Award

16th March – College trip!!!


19th March – I think it’s fair to say me and Tyler Oakley are best friends because this is the THIRD time this year he has liked my tweet!!

21st March – Myself, Billy-Joe and team at Pride Cymru recorded the video for Transgender Day Of Visibility!

23rd March – The 23rd of March was one of the longest days of my life! I woke up at 4am, started work at 6am and finished work at 2pm. I had to rush home, pack an overnight bag and got on a train at 3:20pm to head to London. After getting lost in London (again) I managed to get into my hotel at 6pm, and chilled out for the rest of the night and explored Oxford Street as my hotel was down the road from there!, although I almost got hit by some woman on a bike it was a good day overall.

24th March – I had to be up again at 4am for another long day! I had to be at the BBC Radio 1 studio’s for 7:45am for a briefing before my interview. I had no idea on what to expect, I had no idea on what was going to be asked and I was shaking like a leaf. I rang my mum 15 times before I could enter the building because I was so scared. I got interviewed by Olly Alexander from Years and Years and it was once again an experience I will never forget. A longer blog post will be coming soon, so keep an eye out! I spent the rest of my day shopping as it was payday and I ended up getting home a little later than usual as my train broke down in Swindon, but overall it was a good day.

31st March – 31st of March is transgender day of visibility and I created this collage with the quote: ‘Today is transgender day of visibility. I am transgender and I’m not ashamed of it. We are here and we are proud.’

Today my Lets Talk Trans* video project with Pride Cymru was launched, here is the video:

Overall I am pretty amazed how how amazing 2016 has been so far, and I’m quite thankful to say it has been such a positive 3 months so far. I have so many more exciting things to share with you throughout the rest of the year and I hope your year has been as amazing as mine has been!

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