‘I am so thankful for all the support from my friends and family’ – Janie’s story

As a new blog project idea I decided to allow LGBT individuals of all ages, background, races, religion and origin write their own blog post for my blog. I decided to do this as writing about my own story is getting extremely boring, and everybody’s story is different and unique so I want to highlight that. Here is Janie Russell’s story:

Since I was young I was always supportive of gay rights, I always saw everyone as equal no matter what. Little did I know that the LGBT community would become an important part of my life later on. Growing up I started to like girls and not just boys anymore but it wasn’t until I was thirteen that I realized it but because of everyone saying that liking both was greedy and it wasn’t real I ignored it. When I moved to a new high school after being out of school for almost a year I still didn’t tell anyone. It wasn’t until I was fifteen and found out three of my friends were bisexual. Then I finally learnt to accept it and with the support from my friends and my boyfriend I was happy that I didn’t have to be ashamed. I progressed through high school in the closet to everyone else and only my friends knew.

It was hard because there was a lot of people making fun of lesbians and stuff and making jokes about it and I didn’t really like it when they asked about my sexuality. They always assumed I was straight and I also always said that I was but I knew I’d get made fun of if I told anyone but my friends I liked girls as well. I was relieved when I finished high school and sixth form and really looked forward to college. I made many friends on the open day of the course I was hoping to get into.

I got into the course I wanted and I started knowing a few in the group but soon I learnt that I wasn’t alone. There were others in the LGBT community, I was friends with a lesbian, a transgender male to female, a boy who was gay, and a girl who was pan romantic and asexual. And some straight people too. Even the year above was a range of sexualities. It was really good because there was a group where we were accepted for who we are and none of us were discriminated against.

Fast forward to a little after my eighteenth birthday, I and my sister who I am really close with had gone to feed the ducks. I hadn’t planned to come out to her but it happened anyway as I brought up the topic and I just came out with it, at first she didn’t believe me and thought it was just a faze. I had thought that myself but I knew that it wasn’t a faze and she soon realize too and was accepting and is still accepting. It was one of the best and scariest experiences, I tried to come out to my parents but it didn’t go so well, my mum thought I was doing it because my friend was. So I told her I was just joking and I plan to come out to them a little later in life. My parents both support the lgbt community and have no problem with anyone in it but because they are old fashioned they didn’t think I was telling the truth. Hopefully someday in the future they will be more accepting.  

I am so thankful for all the support from my friends and family. I love them all and remember you are not alone!


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