“Over all I am happy with how far I have came” – Richard’s story

As a new blog project idea I decided to allow LGBT individuals of all ages, background, races, religion and origin write their own blog post for my blog. I decided to do this as writing about my own story is getting extremely boring, and everybody’s story is different and unique so I want to highlight that. Here is Richard Cheshire’s story:

Well it all started when I went into high school. That was when I realised that I had no interest in boys and that I liked girls. So in my second year of high school I came out as a lesbian, I started to feel more comfortable in myself knowing that people knew I wasn’t interested in boys, however when I reach my fourth year of high school I began to feel really uncomfortable with my body.

I pushed it aside and just though maybe it was my weight or something so I lost some weight and it made me feel better but the horrible feeling was still st the back of my brain.

When I was in public strangers would always call me “son” or “young man” and it would strangely make me feel good but I pretended to my girlfriend that I hated it. During my fifth year at high school this uncomfortable feeling got a lot worse. In the summer holidays me and my girlfriend were scrolling through YouTube and we came across a video; “What is transgender?” So we watched it. I didn’t make it to the end of the video. I got half way through it and broke down into tears because it was then that I had realised. I am transgender.

From there I gained my girlfriends love and support and I wrote my mum a letter to tell her. She said she loves me no matter what my gender. The rest of my family adjusted and love me same apart from my father. He left my life emphasizing I was his DAUGHTER and birth named me.

Over all I am happy with how far I have came. I have been living as a male now for a year and a half and couldn’t be any happier with my life.



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