‘Coming out wasn’t very easy for me, especially in a catholic family.’ – Antonia’s story

As a new blog project idea I decided to allow LGBT individuals of all ages, background, races, religion and origin write their own blog post for my blog. I decided to do this as writing about my own story is getting extremely boring, and everybody’s story is different and unique so I want to highlight that. Here is Antonia Benavente’s story:

Coming out wasn’t very easy for me, especially in a Catholic family. At first, I kept denying I was gay because I really, really didn’t want to be it was the last thing I wanted. I was bullied for years being called a lesbian, by family also.  Everyone always used to call me one and I always denied it. I didn’t even think I was gay. I just thought I wasn’t attracted to guys. Like, I didn’t know what I wanted, but I tried to keep up appearances by having boyfriends, just to show everyone that I was straight. Which still apparently wasn’t enough. People still always called me a lesbian and I’d get really angry with them trying to deny it.

I finally accepted it when I was 18 and eventually came out to my mum. Came out as bi, obviously, as most lesbians do. I was hysterically crying because I could finally say it. That I was gay. I had finally accepted it and I felt like all the stress and the pain of trying to be straight and someone I wasn’t had gone. When I came out, my mum hugged me and said “I know” which both made us laugh, which settled the crying down a lot. Even though my mum’s been very accepting of my sexuality, my grand parents aren’t all that enthused, but, being from a Catholic family, it’s completely understandable. They’ve never dissuaded me from being gay, and they’re always nice to anyone I bring to meet them, but they’re still not very happy about people in general being gay. My Nan said she didn’t even know homosexuality was a thing until she was 21. Even though they’re not happy about homosexuality in general, they’re still okay with me and it hasn’t changed their opinion on me whatsoever.

Being gay was a really hard thing for me to accept personally. But, I wake up every day so, so happy that I am gay and that I can be who I am openly with my family. Sure I get the odd insult whilst walking through town or wherever, but I honestly don’t care about that because I’m happy being who I am and that I’ve accepted it. All the rest of it is just what comes with being different in a place filled with small minded people. I am so happy being a lesbian. I mean, who doesn’t like boobs?! I’m so grateful being who I am and I honestly wouldn’t change any part of me or my sexuality. – Antonia Benavente.

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