2016 Bucket list!

Writing a bucket list every year has been quite difficult, simply because I never imagined making it to the next year. But last year’s bucket list was full of determination, excitement and realistic ideas. During 2015 I did some extraordinary things and I know that 2016 may, or may not be exactly the same. During the year I will be editing this post to highlight which bullet points I have succeeded and I will be tracking them in my diary ready for the end of 2016’s blog post to go back through the year. Plus as I am so stuck for idea’s I will be adding some throughout January to motivate some more idea’s! So here is my 2016 bucket list:


  • Start hormone treatment
  • Grow a fantastic beard
  • Be honest with myself
  • Get my stress levels/depression under control and learn how to treat them quickly and effectively when they do get out of control.
  • Get some more tattoo’s
  • Go on a date
  • Go on a road – trip
  • Make it into my second year of college (Without walking out again)
  • Go out and enjoy life a bit more
  • Pass my driving test
  • Become three years clean from self harm
  • Meet Kirsten/Alice!
  • Try not to care about what other people think
  • Try to achieve all of my project idea’s!
  • Meet some more famous people
  • Get noticed by Tyler Oakley
  • Stop smoking
  • Get super drunk
  • Go to London/Brighton Pride and Brighton’s trans pride!
  • Lose some weight
  • Win an award (Sounds cheesy I know!)
  • Apply for university
  • Win a prize (even if it’s in pass the parcel)
  • Have a successful blog like 2015.
  • Do more interviews
  • Do more articles
  • Be on a TV show
  • Do more speech’s
  • Gather funding for future projects
  • Go to some music concerts
  • speak in schools across Wales
  • Travel around the UK
  • (Go to America but it is very unlikely that it will happen)
  • Make one transgender individual’s life much better
  • Go to London a few times for project, hospital and visiting!
  • Go on holiday
  • Conquer my fear of fish
  • Go gorge walking
  • Do some amazing things with Pride Cymru!
  • Play sports again
  • Go swimming more often
  • Spend time with my little sister
  • Visit a range of university’s
  • Go up to North Yorkshire
  • Make everyday a memory
  • Make someone around me proud
  • Make my mother proud
  • Try not to eat so much takeaway!
  • Find true love
  • Have a photo-shoot
  • Dye my hair crazy colours
  • Prove so many people wrong
  • Meet up with some old people
  • Understand why most people hate me for who I am
  • See Demi Lovato/ Troye Sivan / Sia / Sam Smith Live in concert
  • Try my god damn hardest to make a positive change for the transgender community
  • Go on the Ellen Show
  • Marry Tyler Oakley!

I know I can do anything if I put my mind too it, so roll on 2016!

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