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My 2015 Bucket List Achievements

In November/December 2014 I decided to create a bucket list of everything that I wanted to do during 2015. Reading through it is quite emotional because this massive list of at least 200 things are what I wanted to do during the year. So here are the ones that I have managed to complete:

  • Go Swimming – When I was younger I used to swim almost everyday in the week and it was my number one hobby and I swam professionally for Cwmbran Otters. As I got older and puberty kicked in I became to ashamed of my body to even go swimming. In October myself, my little sister Ruby, my Mum and Granddad went on holiday to Pontins! I promised Ruby that I’d take her swimming and guess what? I did!! I enjoyed it and she loved every second of it!
  • See Sam Smith In Concert – One of my favorite singers ever is Sam Smith and for Christmas 2014 my older sister Katie bought us tickets to see him live and I honestly died!!! He was so amazing live and he’s just so perfect!!
  • Come out to my family – This year was my second anniversary of coming out as transgender. But unfortunately most of my family didn’t know of this. I ended up coming out to my Nan/Granddad/Uncles and even my 10 year old cousin! Thankfully everybody has accepted me for who I am which I am so happy about.
  • Go on a date – In March I went on a date to the cinema with Dylan! Which then escalated into two more dates throughout 2015 (With other Guys!)
  • Get my braces off – In March I also had my braces taken off which for me was a massive relief as I had them on for 4 years so I finally got to get rid of them and now I finally have perfect teeth.
  • Smile – I know this may seem like a silly goal for 2015 but all I wanted to do is smile and truly be happy, and thankfully throughout 2015 this has happened.
  • Become 2 years clean from self harm – I think its fair to say that i’m on the right road to recovery.
  • Help a homeless person – I gave him some 25p sweets from ASDA and his smile was the most happiest smile I have ever seen in my life!
  • My project succeed – I wanted my Fixers UK project to become a success and be used in a variety of different schools/colleges and the posters are currently in Swansea university/Coleg Gwent etc!.
  • Make it to 18 – This one speaks for itself. I never imagined hitting 15 let alone 18!!
  • Be honest – Being honest with myself was one thing I have never been able to do. Whether it was towards my gender, sexuality or the way I felt. This year I managed to do this, In June I went to the doctors about my depressive thoughts and finally got put onto medication to help ease my mental illness, also in October this year I became open with my sexuality. I Alex Jones am an openly gay transgender male and I shall not be ashamed of it anymore!
  • Get a meaningful tattoo – So 4 days after my 18th birthday I went to the tattoo shop with one tattoo in mind, the transgender symbol. I wanted my first tattoo to be a meaningful one that represented myself, which was either my childhood nickname or the symbol.
  • Win £1/£2/£5/£20/£10 on a scratch card.
  • Get a job – But I have had 2 jobs this year.
  • Save money – This year alone I have saved up roughly £500 towards my treatment.
  • Give blood – I have always wanted to give blood and this year I managed to do it once.
  • Make my mum proud.
  • Get drunk – Growing up and mostly in my teenage years getting drunk wasn’t what I was into. In December I got so drunk in Newport that I was sick everywhere and had  hangover which lasted for day’s. From that day on I have refused to drink more than 1 pint of Bulmers!
  • Go to gay pride.
  • Prove everyone wrong – A few years ago I mentioned that I wanted to be an activist, become who I truly am and be happy and every person said that I would never achieve that, But now look at me?
  • Find a true group of friends.
  • Be comfortable.
  • Have a heart to heart with Mum.
  • Get help if I need it – Just like being honest with myself!
  • Meet a famous person – This is quite ironic. I only wanted to meet someone like Lorraine Bowen or Lucy Spraggan. But not only have I met these two amazing people I have also met Nathan Wyburn, Jake Graf, Lawrence Dallaglio, Tyler Oakley and PRINCE CHARLES!!!!!12208699_1507598586201375_4890050470307062341_nIMG_1674
  • Come out as gay – I always thought that being an openly gay transgender male was the worst thing ever, due to discrimination and hate that I would receive but actually, Nobody has anything against it!!
  • Go to a gay bar.
  • Become something – I became a human again. I became worthy, I became useful and most importantly I became alive.
  • Get my older sister to call me Alex.
  • Come out to my Nan – This happened due to my best friends Mum (Thank you Amanda!)
  • Go on a Starbucks date.
  • Do something for the transgender community – I think this one say’s a lot for itself!
  • Learn to drive – I gave up at least 5 months later (whoops)
  • Meet other transgender people.
  • Do a speech!
  • Try and contact my father – I am now speaking to my dad on a monthly basis, I don’t forgive him for what he has done for me but life is too short to hold grudges.
  • Get a happy birthday Son/Brother/Nephew/Grandson card.
  • Enter 2015 as Alex – I have actually been Alex throughout the whole of 2015, Kirsten has finally been erased from my past. Time to move on.
  • Write an article – I wrote an article for the Huffington post during December 2015. Huffington post article.
  • Be in a Newspaper – I was in the great western mail at the end of November 2015.
  • Be interviewed.
  • 1000 views on my blog in total this year – 30,000+ blog views this year I have had!
  • Be diagnosed with gender identity disorder.

As you can tell this year has been absolutely ram-packed and I have achieved an awful lot. More than I could ever imagine to be honest! I Did do this and I will carry on doing this!.

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