To 23 year old Alex…

To 23 year old Alex,

It is really scary to think that you may, or may not be alive. But we will never find out right?. I remember at the age of 13 I always said “I’m going to be dead before my 14th birthday”…But now hopefully you’re alive. And when I say alive, I mean alive.

I want you to wake up every morning with a meaning, I want you to be smiling at the littlest things, I want you to feel less depressed on a daily basis and I just want you to enjoy your life much more than I currently am (At the age of 18).

At this present moment in time I want to go off to university and study paramedic science, to become a paramedic in the near future, so will you be in uni? will you be doing a completely different uni course? or will you never reach uni?

Right now I cannot imagine myself at the age of 23, I’m not sure why this is, but hopefully my future self can look back at this post and say “damn I made it!”. I know you’ll finally be happy with yourself, I know you’ll be going through your transition with amazing people supporting you ever step of the way.

I really hope you’re truly happy, truly comfortable and your true self with a super cute boyfriend who you’re happy with. I hope you can look in the mirror and smile at the face staring back at you, I hope you can walk down the street without anybody shouting abuse at you, I hope you are doing amazing things for the transgender community just like you are doing now.

I know you can do this Alex, I know you can.


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