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Ignite Cardiff – Young and Transgender!

On September the 23rd 2015 I spoke at the Glee-club at Ignite Cardiff’s 25th event! I remember hearing about the talks because a friend of mine spoke their previously and I thought it would be an amazing opportunity for me, so I thought “why not”.

Before the show:

I was sat on the train panicking as I had no idea what I was going to say, so I was sat on my phone and wrote a lot of things. My anxiety was hitting the roof as I was going to be speaking in front of 450 people alone and I didn’t have a friend with me to help out (forever a lonely boy I think!).

During the talk:

Absolutely scared and I never used my phone notes once whilst talking, I stood up in front of the audience and spoke for about 4 minutes, it was the most scariest moment of my life as I could see the audience staring at me (which is really scary), But when I was in primary school I was always in the school play and I learnt to focus on one thing during a performance, so I kind of used that whilst speaking. The moment when I said does anybody know what transgender means, at least 3 people put their hands up which was so worrying for me, Just goes to show how much education is needed! Below is the video of my Ignite Talk, Let me know what you guys think!:

After the talk:

After about 10 cigarettes later I finally managed to calm my nerves down! I went out to watch the other people speaking and I had so much feedback from people which was amazing! It was a good night and I’m thankful that ignite let me speak last month!

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