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National coming out day…plus my secret!

Today is national coming out day. In February of 2013 I came out as transgender after years of struggling with who I was and what I was going through.

Today I’m once again going to come out, over the last few years I’ve been hiding a deep deep secret of my own and only this week I have managed to tell the people close to me as I was honestly too ashamed and scared to accept who I was. I’ve been trying to get myself to be a straight male but this isn’t who I am, I am a boy which likes boys, so yes I am a gay male. Since the pride Cymru youth conference yesterday (10th of October 2015) I’ve learnt one thing, never be ashamed and stand up to any hate I get which is something I’m going to take on board. Coming out as transgender was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but I know coming out as a gay male will also be hard.  I have battled through the bullying, abuse, threats etc and I’m determined to not let this happen again.

National coming out day is a massive day for me as I’ve been through the barriers of coming out, whether it was to family, friends, peers, teachers, work colleges or complete strangers. If I didn’t come out at the time I did I can honestly say I’d be buried in a graveyard right now as I know I wouldn’t off been able to cope mentally and physically with this disgusting body I have.

Coming out as a lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/pan-sexual etc is so hard, but it can be one of the best decisions of your life as you have this massive weight taken of your shoulder. For 10 seconds of courage comes years and years of happiness and that’s all that matters right?

As its national coming out day I’d like to personal say rest in peace to all of those individuals who were unable to be their authentic self or they had ended their life after they’d come out. Life gets better, you need to hold on.
You can do this x

My transformation in pictures video! – Since coming out as transgender 2 years and 8 months ago I have seen this new, amazing and fascinating life. Yes I still have depression but that will never control me, that will never let me ruin my dreams and most importantly it will never be with me forever. Since coming out I have managed to leave the house, finish school, meet new friends, socialize and become something special for the Trans community which I couldn’t do 4 years ago. Life throws some weird and wonderful things at you but in the long run its worth it. So take the first step by being honest with yourself. Live as your authentic self, as that is what is the most important.



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