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18 Years of being alive..Happy birthday to myself!

18 years ago on the 18th of September my mother gave birth to fetus Alex! The first thing the doctors said to her was ‘congratulations its a girl’…only if they knew the reality.

These last 18 years haven’t been the easiest 18 years anybody could ever go through, But i’m thankful to be here today. At the age of 14 I couldn’t imagine being alive today, so turning 18 is a major step for me!

I have battled through addictions, mental illnesses, family issues, self harm, bullying and i’m still here today no matter what has happened.

I’m so looking forward to the next 18 years of my life and I know for a fact that they may be the best 18 years of my life.

18 Years ago my mother brought a baby girl into the world, But 18 years later she’s wishing happy birthday to her only son.

My birthday was amazing, I had a birthday son/brother card off my mum and little sister. I had a brand new phone, camera, shoes and money. I had an amazing cookie cake and got so drunk (whoops). Here are some pictures of the day:


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