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2 Years ago my mum found out that I am transgender.

2 Years ago my mum found out that I am transgender, which was on the 3rd of September 2013. I thought I would write a blog post about how far me and my mum have come in the last 2 years. One of my first ever blog posts was called ‘perfectly bad’ which is about how I had such an amazing and wonderful day but by the time I got home it turned into the worst day ever, the link to this blog is: Perfectly Bad blog post

I didn’t manage to “come out” to my mother, she somehow found out either from her friend or she is amazing at guessing things! But she confronted me about smoking, doing drugs and being transgender which is all written in my perfectly bad blog post. At the time of my mother finding out that I was transgender I was already “out” to my friends and peers within school for 7 months so she was so angry at the fact that I trusted them before I trusted my own mother.

So how far have I and my mum come in the last 2 years? In the last 2 years I and my mother have been through hell together, but we are still continuing to fight on a daily basis.

At the beginning of 2014 she told me that I was never allowed to change my name and was calling me a selfish person for me wanting to do so. But in December 2014 she allowed me to change my name legally to Alex. Over the course of the past 12 months she has tried so hard to call me Alex, all of her friends know me as Alex so I know she’s talking about me!

My mum always used to say that I’m her daughter but now she ensures that everybody she meets knows that I’m her son and that she is so proud of me.

My mum always used to say that the younger children in the family will never understand what I’m going through. But recently my 10 year old cousin found out that I am in fact transgender and he said “as long as your happy then I’m happy”. Also my sister who is four and my cousin who is three always call me Alex and always say “you’re such a good boy” which is a start right?

My mum recently took part in one of my blog posts which was an amazing achievement, talking about me being transgender is quite a touchy subject for us both but recently I’m open about the whole situation and mum agreed to help with this blog post! Mum and son question and answer

I and my mother used to argue like cat and dog! We could never have a simply conversation without it ending in me walking out of the room. Ever since starting my anti-depressants I have turned into the nicest child anybody could ever have! But me and my mother haven’t argued in over a month which is a massive achievement! Our relationship as mother and son is developing amazingly!

I have never really believed that my mum accepted me until last month. I attended Pride Cymru where I spoke on stage for about 5 minutes and my mum turned up with my little sister, auntie and cousin and stood in the audience to watch me and she said “I’m going to Pride to show you how proud I am off you and to make sure you know that”.

It’s scary to think that two years ago I thought I was going to have my whole family walk out on me, I thought I was going to become homeless and I thought I’d have nothing left. I never once imagined being accepted, But then again because this happens so much in this society I just expected it to happen. I can’t seem to understand why I was so scared to come out, simply because my family are so amazing!

I love you mum!

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