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We need to do something for the transgender community..before it’s too late!

visibility and awareness

The visibility and awareness of the transgender community is starting to quickly increase over the last 18 months, this is thanks to Laverne Cox, Chaz Bono and Caitlyn Jenner. But unfortunately everybody forgets about the other people within the community, who face abuse, violence or even murder for being transgender and this is starting to become out of hand and we need to do something!!

2015 – How has it been so far this year?

So far in 2015 in America there have been 16 transgender women murdered, But the figures are more than likely to be higher!. Not only do these women get murdered for being transgender, they also get murdered for being black. You may be thinking that 16 people isn’t that many..But in reality 1 in 12 transgender people will get killed within their lifetime, Will it be me or one of my 11 transgender friends? We never know.

A survey that was taken in November 2014 has highlighted that 48% of transgender people under the age of 26 have attempted suicide. 30% of transgender people have tried to commit suicide in the last year but 59% of transgender people have considered to do it.

I will be honest, Before and after I came out as transgender I tried to end my life because I was scared, alone, frightened, hurt and I felt so worthless. Who deserves to feel that way? Nobody! People who identify as transgender are just trying to be their authentic selves, they’re not “pedophiles”, They’re not “delusional” or “crazy”. All transgender people are trying to do is find happiness, with themselves. We didn’t choose to be this way, We didn’t wake up one morning and think “Oh i’m going to identify as trans” Because honestly, It’s the worst thing to go through, Its mentally, Physically and psychologically draining having to wake up everyday and live within a body which isn’t yours.

Transgender facts in the UK:

  • 40% of transgender people have experienced verbal abuse.
  • 30% of transgender people have experienced threatening behavior.
  • 25% of transgender people have been physically abused.
  • 4% of transgender people have been sexual abused.
  • 25% of transgender students have been bullied by their teachers.

These figures are probably a lot more higher because most transgender people don’t speak up about the experiences they have endured, simply because they don’t believe that anybody will help them.

What Needs to happen now?

As a community we need to educate anybody we come across! We need education of the transgender community to be taught in schools, the work place, training places and anywhere you go! The transgender community is lacking so much education and understanding which is why people are resulting in hurting us all.

We are all humans. We all have feelings, We all need to start loving each other regardless of our differences!

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