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Pride Cymru Young Persons Champion 2015!!

After keeping this low I’m finally allowed so announce it! 😀 About two weeks ago I found out that I was one of the two people chosen for Pride Cymru’s young persons champion 2015! Me and a boy called Dan from Pembrokeshire were chosen out of a list of applicants! 😀

About Pride Cymru

Pride Cymru is a registered charity which are working to improve the quality of lives for LGBT individuals within Wales. They organise Wales’ largest LGBT celebration which is carried out in Cardiff on a yearly basis.

About the Pride Cymru Young Persons Champions 2015.

We believe that all young people in Wales have the right to grow up in a society where they are safe, valued and treated with respect. Our Young Person’s Champions will be the voice for the LGBT community and work with people from a range of charities, community groups, companies and public organisations to make sure that the needs of young LGBT people are understood”

Experience’s and opportunities that I will have whilst being Pride Cymru’s Young Persons Champion 2015:

  • Training and development including training from Youth Cymru.
  • Valuable work experience with full references given.
  • Develop key skills in marketing, public speaking, public policy and campaigns.
  • Deliver an opening address at 2015 Pride Cymru event.
  • Deliver a ‘key note’ speech at our Youth Conference in the Autumn of 2015.
  • Attend a range of events and participate in key projects with Pride Cymru.
  • Receive support from Youth Cymru to apply for funding to develop projects and events.
  • Play an active part on Youth Cymru’s Llais Ifanc youth forum.
  • Place on the Iris Prize 2015 Youth Jury.
  • At the end of the year I will have qualified for the Millennium Volunteers 100 hours of volunteering award.

How did I hear about this role?

Honestly, I cannot remember how I found out about the Young Persons role, but it was more than likely on social media! But as soon as I saw it I thought “i’m going to attempt this!”.

Why did I apply for this role?

Since I came out as transgender 2 and a half years ago I have been determined to do something for the community. I have been determined to raise awareness, educate others and make another transgender person’s coming out better than mine was! I have faced so much discrimination and struggles and I know that I can use my past experience and first hand knowledge to educate others and do something amazing for the community. I feel so strong about the LGBT community and I just want to make something positive happen for other people.

What did I write on my application?

On my application I did struggle an awful lot with what to write. But after 2 hours of staring at my laptop screen I had finally thought of something to write.

“As a young transgender male I know what it’s like to feel judged on a daily basis. I am trying my hardest to raise awareness of the transgender/LGB community through my blog and a poster campaign that I have recently created to end the negative stigma towards the transgender community. I would like to be one of the first to be a Pride Cymru LGBT young person’s champion because I feel strongly about the awareness and education of the community as I feel it does lack quite a lot of education and understanding. I want to hold this position aiming to hopefully make something positive happen towards the community, trying my hardest to achieve such aims. I will make sure that I can help as much as I can to make sure I am fulfilling this role that would be assigned to me if I do get the place. I have good communication skills, and i’m well informed from a first-hand perspective of the challenges faced by the LGBT community. In conclusion, I feel this would benefit me in this role as a LGBT young person champion.”

Leading up to Pride Cymru Young Persons Champion 2015!

  • 3rd of August 2015 – Today I found out that I was chosen as a Young Persons Champion! Honestly, I was so scared about finding out! I thought I was going to the offices for a one to one meeting. But it turned out that 3 of the other applicants where there and I was so frightened! Tracy went through each person and said if they were successful or unsuccessful and I was a successful one!. This shocked me an awful lot simply because I didn’t expect to get chosen!
  • 11th of August 2015 – Today I did my first ever talk in front of a group of 12 teenagers at my local youth center who asked me a range of questions about the discrimination I have faced and just asked a bunch of questions about me being transgender, which has made me feel a bit better about speaking in front of a load of people! But all day I have been so worried about Saturday! Pride is only four days away and I still have no idea what i’m up too! The thought of speaking in front of 12,000 + people (including my mother and sister) Daunts me! But I know I need to conquer this fear and I can kick some ass!

Speaking in front of 12,000 + people on the 15th of August!!!

Today is an amazing day, But such a scary day to say the least! I have been nervous all day about this moment it is unreal. I was volunteering with Pride Cymru from 11:30 until 1:30 and then I had to go backstage ready to go onto Pride’s stage in front of 12,000 people (which honestly scared me so much).

Whilst I was backstage I had a sneaky look at the audience at I saw my mum, auntie, little sister and cousin all stood in the audience waving at me, which honestly made it a little more easier for me! I was shaking, nervous, I couldn’t breath very well which is so normal! Whilst backstage me, Nathan and his friend were talking and they were both ever so lovely! His friend kept on having ago at me because I said “sorry” about 1000 times and he did mention that I had nothing to be sorry for (whoops). Everybody at pride were so positive before we went on stage which ultimately made me feel so much more better!

Me, Daniel and Amy went out onto the stage which Lu (the chairman) and Nathan Wyburn all went out onto the stage. Dan said his little speech first and then it was my turn, and Here is a video that my Auntie managed to take:

My speech:

“Hello, My name is Alex Jones, I’m 17 years old and I live in Newport. As a young transgender male I have faced a variety of hurdles since coming out. I have been wanting to make sure other young LGBT teenagers coming out’s are a little more understanding than mine. I want to educate, inspire and show others that it’s okay to be different and unique. In this role I would like to show other young teenagers/adults that it is okay to be different and that it is okay to be who you are! I want to try and educate anybody I come across about the issues that young lgbt people face and my ending result would be to ensure that other young people don’t have to face prejudice! I would like to thank Pride Cymru for giving me this amazing opportunity.”

Whilst I was doing my speech there were a few people there who were shouting and cheering on and that made me feel so much better! 😀

Pride Cymru Photos:


Celebrity Pictures:


Me and Nathan Wyburn from Britain’s Got Talent. He is the most loveliest guy around!! 


Me and Lorraine Bowen from Britain’s got talent! 😀 She was so lovely and so funny! “Will you take another one my hair wasn’t right” 

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