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Mr Jones and his mother question and answer session!

I spoke to my mum a couple of days ago about her answering some questions for my blog and she simply replied “why?” and my only reason for this is so that other transgender kids parents can read it and relate to where my mum is coming from! As a main person in my transition i knew it was essential that i asked her these questions!

1) 5 Years ago did you understand what it meant to me transgender? if so what did you think it meant?

“No, I didn’t know what it meant”

2) Growing up what type of child was I? Was i more like a boy or a girl?

“Hyper-active! Only way to describe you was the Taz Mania devil!”

3) As a child did you think i was transgender?

“You would always dress as a boy and i could only buy you boys toys, anything girly was a no go!. I thought you would grow up into being a lesbian.”

4) What was your thoughts when you first found out that i was transgender?

“I wasn’t surprised at all and as long as your happy that’s all that matters!”

5) What has been the most hardest part of this process?

“Hardest moment by far was the self harming. I wouldn’t wish any parent to go through what we did!”

6) What has been the most easiest part of this process?

“I don’t think there is a easy part. I just take each day as it comes and i learn more and more everyday”

7) Have you noticed anything that has changed since I came out as transgender?

“I think we talk more and you are more happy!”

8) What is the key factor to have when trying to support a transgender child?

“To be there and never neglect them as no matter what they are yours”

9) What was you most worried about when i came out?

“My only worry was telling your little sister and how was we meant to explain that”

10) When did you realize that this wasn’t a “phase”?

“Since you were a baby!”

11) When do you personally think i started to notice there was a difference with my gender?

“From a very young age! Your sister use to say to me ‘mum she’s going to be a pot smoking lesbian’!”

12) Do you believe that your sex is whats on the outside of your body and that your gender is in your head?

“No, your sex is what you are comfortable with, inside or out.”

13) What would you say to a parent who has a transgender son/Daughter?

“Just be there for them.

There is so much support out there now.

Tell them everyday no matter what you love them and they will always be your baby”

I just wanted to say a very simply thank you to my mother. Thank you mum for always being there when i needed someone. I love you so much and i promise, Ill be the best son ever 😀

4 thoughts on “Mr Jones and his mother question and answer session!”

  1. Honestly in tears reading through this 😭 cant wait to dontate to your fundraising course, ill be donating next friday, hope youre having a good day today Alex!


  2. I’m so happy for you to have such a great mom! Mine is very supportive too. When I tell her about transgender kids whose parents disown them or even abuse them, she was so shocked and said “How could I disown you?! You are my child and I love you, no matter what” I’m very proud to have her support and have her on my side through transition 😊


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