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11 Self harm Myths…

As a young teenager, at the age of 13 i started to harm myself because of everything i went through. Thankfully i have been in recovery for 2 years now but i know there are still myths surrounding the issue! I just want to highlight the top 11 issues and the truth surrounding self harm.

1) Self harm is attention seeking..

Most people who self harm are doing it because they are blaming themselves for what has happened, or it may be because they feel like they deserve it, or simply they may struggle with mental health issues or addictions other than self harm. Why would someone injure themselves to seek attention?

2) People who self harm are suicidal…

People who self harm may be suicidal, but sometimes they aren’t. Harming yourself doesn’t mean you want to kill yourself.

3) The only form of self harm is cutting yourself..

In actual fact, there are lots of types of ways that someone can self harm. This can include:

  • Burning
  • Cutting
  • Drug abuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Picking
  • Scratching.

4) It is easy to stop harming yourself…

When someone is addicted to drugs they can take a long time to become clean from them, it is exactly the same with self harm. Self harm is such an addiction and trying to stop is as hard as quitting drugs.

5) Only teenagers self harm..

Anybody can self harm. 5 Year old’s can self harm, 55 Year old’s can self harm. There isn’t an age limit on self harm.

6) People who self harm haven’t been through as much as some people…

Everybody has their own struggles and everybody needs to realize that.

7) People self harm because it is part of a trend…

Self harm is not a trend! if you know somebody that self harm’s you need to get them the correct treatment, before it gets worse!

8) People who self harm always have scars…

Not everybody has scars if they self harm. Some people don’t and some people do. Of course scars don’t mean anything.

9) People who self harm ensure that others around them can see it…

As a person who used to self harm I made sure that nobody around me knew what i was doing. My friends never knew, My  mother never knew, NOBODY KNEW! It is something you try to keep to yourself!

10) Once someone has quit self harm they won’t ever do it again…

Relapse is a constant fear for most people recovering from addictions. After being 2 years clean i could relapse at anytime. Everyday is a constant battle for someone fighting addictions.

11) Only girls self harm…

As a young male, i can honestly say girls aren’t the only people who struggle with self harm. Self harming isn’t based on one gender or age!

If you know anybody that is struggling with self harm, or you yourself is struggling with self harm you can check out the following websites:




Self Harm UK!

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