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Alex’s transition. – the treatment to save a life!

As many of you know I have been trying my hardest to get the NHS to listen to me for just over two years now about being transgender. I have been on a waiting list to see the child mental health services for 2 years.

Recently my mental health has been deteriorating and i have decided that i can no longer wait for the help I need. Suffering with depression, gender dysphoria, self harm thoughts and suicidal thoughts isn’t what I should be thinking at the age of 17!

I have decided to go private for my treatment as it is quicker and it can help me live my life to the best, simply because doing simply tasks is a struggle, because i can barley look at myself.

As a 17 year old who works in McDonald’s paying £200 for each session of treatment i need is going to be hard, and many people have said ‘why not start up a donating website and fund-raise’, so this is what i have decided to do.

On September the 25th i am travelling down to London to see Dr Lorimer who works for GenderCare and proceed with my medical transition. I have decided to fund-raise half of the proceeds i need for this treatment which can allow me to also put my own money into it, simply because i don’t want to rely on other people.

I know times are hard and money is tight, i completely understand that! I’m not begging for peoples money, I’m not sharing a sob story, i’m just telling the truth!

So far i have raise £20 on my online fundraiser and on the 12th of September me and my friends are doing a sponsor walk in aid of my transition.

Every penny that has been raised has made me into a very thankful young man, and i really do appreciate it! I promise, that one day i will pay everybody back and say a true thank you when the time comes!

Click here to donate to Alex’s transition!

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