I’m 2 years clean today!!! – Recovery is wonderful!

Nobody understands how hard recovery is when you’re addicted to the pain of self harm, especially cutting. Today is the 2nd year which I haven’t cut, i’m thankful to be in my recovery because I never thought id made it to today, recovery is such a beautiful thing!

2 years ago today was the last time i ever harmed myself in any way shape or form. 2 Years ago today i began the long and hard road to recovery from self harm and i’m somewhere i never imagined i’d be! I have fought through the urges, the breakdowns, the struggles and the hard times to get to where i am today and i can finally say i have made it!

I’ve learnt to love and accept my scars, simply because everybody has different scars for different reasons and i have managed to fight my battle and come out of it alive! I’ve learnt how to stay strong during my dark days when i never imagined that i’d come out of it all alive but here i am, today i am alive and breathing!

I’m super proud and today is a wonderful day! I think i can finally admit that i am recovered from self harm (although recovery is a constant battle i think that i have conquered this)


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