Gender confusion in childhood?

As a child, I was the most happiest little girl you could ever meet. I had long brown hair with a horrible fringe, I’d be wearing jumpers or a track suit (which I am ashamed to admit). If you ever saw me I’d either be covered in mud, soaking wet or I’d have some sort of ball in my arms. I was a very active child, I loved sports, swimming, playing outside and going ‘on adventures’. Id leave my house at 9am and return back at 4pm just in time for tea, I loved being outside, even if I was all alone!

Exploring the world was a main part of my childhood and I loved every second of it!

As a child I never felt like a boy, nor a girl. I never really knew the difference between a male and a female. I knew that boys had penises and girls had vaginas but I saw men and women as the same regardless of genitalia.

Looking back on my childhood I can see so many key areas where I had experienced gender differences which has made me think that maybe I’ve always felt the way I have, but as a kid I pushed it to the side.

As a kid I remember these situations:

  • I was in McDonalds, I must of been about 4 years old. They had the gendered toys so girls were allowed Groovy Chick toys and the boys had Hot wheel toys in their happy meals. One day me and my father went to McDonalds for food in Cwmbran and I was arguing with the woman for like 25 minutes because I wanted a boys toy and I remember saying ‘I am a boy, so let me have the boys toy’. Which to me, stands out a hell of a lot!
  • I wanted a mohikan at the age of 7 because I thought I’d look the person I was!
  • I remember wanting to be called Max, god knows why Max but I asked a few people to call me it!
  • I absolutely hated my birth name because it was too girly. I preferred my nickname much better! (Which was Taz).
  • I’d argue with my parents for hours if I had to wear a dress or girly clothes, you’d never see me in a dress unless I’ve given into arguing with my mother or father!.

I’m not sure if these are signs of me being transgender or whether I was a stubborn child, but its something I’ve realized over a while! But as a child, I was happy regardless of my gender, so that’s all that matters!


1 thought on “Gender confusion in childhood?”

  1. Those things sound very familiar to me!
    When I was a kid I had short hair so often got asked if I was a boy or girl and I didn’t know what to anwser so I said “Neither!” Of course I was also told about the differences between male and female through genitalia, but didn’t understand what that has to do with me feeling like a boy.
    I also disliked my birthname and never had a connection to it.
    I once considered the name Robin for me because I was a big fan of Batman & Robin 😀
    Dresses and girls stuff I avoided too.
    When my brother told me that he doesn’t want to play with his little sister I told him he should say to his friends that I was his little brother.

    So yes, I totally can relate to your post 🙂


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