Alicia’s Colour Obstacle Rush! – Raising money for Mind!

I have known Alicia for a while through social media and i know that she has had her fair share of struggles and in this September she is taking part in the colour obstacle rush in Sheffield to raise money for Mind. Mind is a mental health charity that can help people when they are unwell and they can provide the help and support that an individual may need.

here is a little bit of Alicia’s story:

My personal experience with mental health started when I was 7 years old. My dad sadly committed suicide. He genuinely didn’t think there was anything out there to help him and he never told anyone about his struggle with depression. He was so loved but none of us ever got the chance to prove it to him. The knock on effect of his decision was catastrophic, I lost my daddy, my sister was left to look after a small baby whilst coping with losing her dad, my mum was left absolutely riddled with guilt. As a result she spiralled into manic depression, as well as losing my dad I pretty much lost my mum for a while too. She wasn’t the same person at all, there were many times when she nearly went the same way as him. Although my mum eventually got help, the battle is still on going. At 7 years old I had to grow up fast, I felt practically alone and could never grieve because I had to be the strong one. However, this couldn’t last forever, at 12 I began self harming, then at 13 began starving myself to the point of death. In June 2013 I was rushed to hospital because my BMI was too low for me to even walk about. Then I was admitted to Riverdale eating disorder clinic. My first stay lasted 6 months but I immediately relapsed only to be admitted again August 2014 at an even more critical state than before. It genuinely was a life or death situation, I surprised myself by choosing life. After 7 months of fighting, screaming and crying I was finally well enough to go home again. 4 months on and things are still hard, my anorexia and depression still control me some days. Often, the guilt and pain are just too much. But with support I’m still challenging my fears and maybe eventually I will be able to call myself ‘recovered.’ It’s a big achievement to say I am able to take part in this colour run as last year I could hardly walk across a room without nearly collapsing. There are so many stories like mine, that is why I want to raise as much money for mental health organisations such as Mind as possible. The only way to beat these illnesses is with support, no one can do it alone. Please help in any way you can. Thank you. 

So even if you could just donate £1, it would go to a very good cause and help Alicia through her challenge! Alicia’s just giving page!

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