9 Things I don’t like being asked as a transgender male…

1) ‘So do you have a penis or a vagina?’

Nope don’t ask that! That is something way to personal to ask someone, how would you like it if I asked you a question like that?

2) ‘How do you have sex?’

Just like normal people? Every transgender person’s sexual experiences are different and vary from person to person.

3) ‘So are you a lesbian or gay?’

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How can a boy be a lesbian???? There are sexuality’s such as pansexual, bisexual, gay, straight etc that I could be, silly!

4) ‘So what was your birth name?’


5) ‘What toilets do you use?’

Image result for toilet south park gif

Maybe I use the male, maybe I use the disabled? Once again it varies from person to person!

6) ‘So you’re a girl?’

I AM A BOY!!!!

7) ‘But you’d be a prettier girl, why change?’

I wasn’t a pretty girl and i never will be a pretty girl, why? because i am a boy!

8) ‘How do they you know, create the penis?’

Maybe you should check it out on google if you’re so intrigued?

9) ‘You don’t look like a boy though?’

Your opinion is invalid towards the way I look. If I was born a boy I would still look like this, so what’s your issue?

25 thoughts on “9 Things I don’t like being asked as a transgender male…”

  1. At least I having asked you any of these best bud!! 🙂 You are Alex, and you’re a boy, and you’re my best friend 🙂 woo!

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  2. I just had to comment for myself to say you look so similar to an Alex I knew in freshman year in high school but you guys aren’t the same person because that was in 2005.

    But do some people really ask these types of questions?


  3. Some people suck! Keep your head up, you’re doing great. And frankly, the only people who need to know what is in your pants are you, the people you go to bed with, and possibly your doctor. As a lawyer in the U.S. who has helped people get legal name and gender changes, I hate that the laws in most states that allow gender changes make me ask about what medical changes people have had done, and I really hate that (though I think the states that don’t allow gender changes are even worse, tbh). It’s so invasive, and IMO just not necessary. If someone tells me what their gender is, and they live their lives as a member of that gender, to me that’s where we should be able to stop asking questions, both in our personal lives (good gods, I cannot imagine asking an acquaintance these sorts of things!) and for making our legal ID agree with who we are.

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  4. So, instead of educating people on this issue that their knowledge is unfortunately not so great, you post this kind of stuff and just expect people to know, or know what to ask and what to not ask? Why don’t you humour them, take an interest in educating people about being transgender, by posting this kind of material I hate to say it but you’re contributing to people’s ignorance.


      1. Part of that education is telling people what questions are and are not wanted. I mean every body is different but some of these things are both none of anyone’s business and some of these questions are available on google. Maybe there needs to be some expansion on why these questions aren’t acceptable.


      2. This is telling them what not to ask. Would you just approach any other minority and just start asking them intimate questions?

        I would guess not. If you are willing and eager though I am more than willing to take you to my old neighborhood in Detroit to practice.

        Thanks Alex, I am dating a trans man and am a trans woma myself and I totally empathize.


    1. Markus,

      Yes, I take your point that a lot of people need educating and with them then there is some hope.
      Unfortunately though, there are those who just don’t care, and those whose homophobia completely dominates their thinking and as such are completely unable to understand or accept anything other than what they consider as “normal”.
      I re-posted Alex’s post on my Facebook page intending it for all my “friends” who are in the vast majority crossdressers and/or transgender, and who would probably have already experienced the prejudice obvious in the post…and see the humour of it.
      That’s what I see – the humour, and if I can’t laugh at the ignorance and stupidity of those people out there in real life, then I might as well go back completely into the closet.
      No way!


    2. You ask black people if their skin color wipes off like war paint, and if you can touch their woolly heads huh?


    3. There are 2 ways of asking a question, one is tasteful, the other is rude and immature. I’m sure Alex will ask people when they ask appropriate questions, but this happens to trans people from strangers, and it’s not something that is appropriate. Not wanting to disclose what’s in your pants, how you have sex, what your name may have been at one point, etc. isn’t contributing to ignorance, it’s not wanting to disclose things we wouldn’t think about asking a person if we didn’t think they might be transgender. People have the right to not want to be asked very personal and private things by people who have no business asking them, and by voicing this right, he’s not “contributing to people’s ignorance-” That would be something like “I have a penis, a vagina, I have sex by using a banana in my partners ear, and my name used to be Mary-Joe Lousie” or something it wasn’t.

      I’m honestly not trying to be rude here, I’m pointing out the difference between making post about questions that shouldn’t really be asked unless you’re in a relationship or very close with a trans person who has specified they’re ok with being asked such things, and actually contributing to ignorance.


  5. Excellent Alex. Education can be by saying what is right or by what is wrong.
    You have identified what questions not to ask; hence, we now have so many more questions we can ask which show #realchurch.
    We support parents with children who identify as LGBTQ + and we think this is great.


  6. I think people do know about Google. And they do have sense but they choose to override that with us because of a sense of entitlement over our bodies and what they feel we can and can’t do with them. I’ve read many posts from cis folk who reiterate again and again how they need to control humanity the way it suits them. Because God forbid they have to stop looking at us as freaks with the ability to do as we please with our bodies.


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