Fixers UK Broadcast on ITV Wales!!

On the 4th of June my Fixers broadcast was shown on ITV Wales. It was shown to everybody around Wales, which was really scary for me!

My Fixers project is to end the negative stigma towards the transgender community and educate other people about what being transgender means. I created a poster and it has been put up in several different places like Coleg Gwent and Cwmbran Centre For Young People.


On the day of the broadcast i was so nervous! I was worried in case i didn’t sound right, or if i didn’t look nice! one of my main fears was that id get a lot of abuse or negative comments from it, because being transgender is still a taboo topic and i was so scared!

10 Minutes before my broadcast was shown i managed to tell my 76 year old granddad that i was transgender, he said ‘oh okay’ and that was the only reply i had from him, which made me super happy because i thought he would of said something negative!

During/After the broadcast i had so many messages of random strangers and off friends saying amazing and positive things which included:

  • ‘so so proud of one of my best friends, Alex is absolutely incredible and I hope his project with fixers really changes so many people’s negative mindsets about being transgender!’ – Shannon Crighton.
  • ‘So proud of everything you have managed to achieve keep going you will get there I know you will!’ – Sophie Hill.
  • ‘So proud to call you family right now’ – Chelsea Jones.

I have also had an opportunity to talk to students within Coleg Gwent about transgender issues which can help them during their studies which makes me feel amazing because i know they can get information from a person who understands. Hopefully many more opportunity’s will open up for me to do what feels right!

2 Years ago i was this broken, lost little kid that could have never imagined coming this far in life, so thank you Fixers! Thank you for giving me the confidence, thank you for showing me that anything is possible and thank you for helping me make my main dream come true!


YouTube Video of ITV Wales broadcast!

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