Recovery isn’t as straight forward as it seems…

Trying to recover from 3 different things at one time is the most difficult thing i have ever had to go through. After battling with self harm for 3 years, battling with binge eating for 1 year and depression for as long as i can remember, recovery is hard.

I still battle with binge eating sometimes but i’m starting to become better, trying new foods and healthier diets is what i have been achieving in the last 6 months.

As of the 20th of July this year i will be 2 years clean from self harming myself, my battle with self harm has been one of the longest battles i have ever had to face. With day to day urges to bring pain towards myself are the strongest i have ever felt before, but i know that i can do this, even if i do relapse.

When i was 12/13 i started to become depressed and to this day i’m still in this negative cycle that i physically and mentally cannot get out of. But i know that one day i will be the happiest kid around and i’m looking forward to this day, i have hope that this day comes around pretty quickly.

Recovery is full of happy days where you have lots of hopes and dreams for the future, but recovery can also be full of days where getting out of bed can be a major struggle and you don’t think you can get out alive. If somebody ever says to you ‘have you recovered from your issues’ just explain that recovery is an ongoing battle for the rest of your life, recovery takes years to get out of but one day life will be okay.

Everybody has bad days, everybody has good days. Life will be amazing one day and people need to stay strong to experience how amazing life can/will be!

Hold on, pain ends!

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