Discrimination or being personal?

Every week me and my Nan go to ASDA shopping, but yesterday was a completely different shopping trip.

I went to the chicken counter and asked for my chicken. But after she handed it to me she asked ‘are you a boy or a girl’ and i said ‘i am a transgender male’ and she asked what it meant and i told her, but her reply shocked and angered me. She said ‘you would be a prettier girl than a boy’ and i just started to laugh because i was so angry!

Her comment has been stuck on my mind for the last 24 hours! did she understand what being trans truly meant, does she understand that i am a male, does she know that is a really personal question, is she not educated on the topic? but more importantly its made my self confidence drop by 1000% because i must not pass as a male that well, people don’t see me as the person as i am and it hurts. Just because i don’t have a deep voice, a beard, muscle and a flat chest doesn’t mean i am not a boy!. I just wish everybody in society would notice that there isn’t just two genders, there are many more! if you’re unsure of someones gender don’t say anything about it!

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