LGBT, mtf

365 day challenge: Day 2: something that’s illegal but you think it should be legal

we live in a world where gay marriage is still illegal in some places. Gay people should be granted the same equal rights as everybody else and I think it should be legal for two people in love to get married without having the law or churches stopping them.

I don’t remember there being a law for straight people to get married so why do it to gay people??. Imaging a straight person being denied a marriage, they’d be furious so why do it to gay people?

There are worse things in this world than a man who wants to marry another man and a woman who wants to marry another woman. People need to grow up and live in the society that we do live in, because being openly gay, lesbian, bi and transgender is higher than it was 15 years ago.

The world is slowly changing and hopefully, fingers crossed in the next 20 years the whole world will agree to gay marriage. Fingers crossed in the near future I may marry the man I fell in love with in a church without other people’s judgmental opinions ruining it.

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