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International day against homophobia and transphobia 

So as some of you may or may not know the 17th of May is the international day against homophobia and transphobia.

Some of you may not know that in the last 3 or 4 years I have ‘came out of the closet’ three times. In all of these three situations I have experiences homophobia/transphobia and honestly, society and the general public need to put it to a stop.

During school in year 9 I came out as bisexual, I thought I liked both boys and girls and I thought id admit it. After ‘coming out’ I had a lot of homophobic people saying comments like ‘you’re just greedy’ ‘you’re doing this for attention’ ‘liking girls is disgusting’ and so on. The thing is, some of my friends made comments and never realised that it was homophobic. A BOY CAN LOVE BOYS AND GIRLS. GIRLS CAN LOVE BOYS AND GIRLS, get over it!

During school at the beginning of year 10 I came out as a lesbian. I had comments which ranged from ‘would you finger ____’ ‘are you going to have sex with a girl in the toilets’ ‘you’re not allowed to get changed with the girls incase you look at them’ etc and once again, these are all forms of homophobia. GIRLS LOVE GIRLS, get over its!

About 5 months after coming out as a lesbian I told a few people close to me that I am actually in fact transgender. After coming out the amount of hate and transphobic comments I had could be about the same size as a Harry Potter book! I had comments like ‘you was born female so that’s who you are’ ‘you’re not a boy’ ‘look what’s between your legs, that’s who you are’. Some people don’t realise that this is also transphobia and sometimes people don’t mean to say stuff like it, but unfortunately they do. Also people don’t seem to realise that your gender is inside your head and nobody can understand unless they are transgender themselves and your sex is your sexual organs (whether you have a penis or a vagina), people need to realise that. SOME PEOPLE ARE TRANSGENDER, get over it!

Homophobia and transphobia can range from different comments like ‘you’re so gay’ ‘you’re a faggot’ ‘men didn’t create men to love each other’ ‘two girls can’t have sex’ ‘if you use a strap-on then why not have sex with a man?’ ‘You’re a tranny’ ‘you can’t love two genders’ ‘you was born a girl and that’s all you are’. It can be little comments or large, abusive comments.

Homophobia is being scared of homosexuals, transphobia is being scared of transgender people. There’s nothing scary about a transgender or homosexual person. People can be scared of heights, spiders, flying or fish (like me), but surly you can’t be scared of a person just like you? Everybody has ambitions, dreams and goals, everybody breathes the same air, everybody has a contact with someone who is a part of the LGBT community whether they’re friends, neighbours or family. So why pick on the people who are trying to be happy and live how they were born?

Whether someone is gay, bisexual, lesbian, a trans male, a trans female etc, nobody has the right to judge them. People don’t choose to be this way but what they chose to be is open and happy and that’s what every LGBT person should feel like. Nobody deserves to have homophobic and transphobic people judging them. In my opinion judging someone for being who they are is silly, because if I judged a person for being straight then they’d think I was weird and being ‘pathetic’, but on the other hand people think it’s okay to say ‘faggot’ ‘pussy’ ‘tranny’ ‘lesbo’ ‘minge licker’ ‘greedy’ like its nothing. So today, if you’re against transgender people or homosexual people, leave them to live their life whilst your living yours, we’re all equal and the same.

Sometimes words can hurt people, please don’t say anything mean because you have no idea on what an individual is going through. Spread love not hate.

3 thoughts on “International day against homophobia and transphobia ”

  1. I believe you also forgot the “biphobia” us, bisexuals, face quite often from pretty much everyone because not everyone agrees that we exist. People really don’t realize the power of the words they choose to use.
    But, in the end of the day, Morgan freeman’s right: “I hate the word “homophobia”. You’re not scared-you’re just an asshole” 🙂


  2. People need to focus on themselves and not on other people. Lol. Unless it’s for a good cause, they need to keep prejudice to themselves.


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