Why isn’t mental health taken seriously?

If a footballer broke his leg during a practice then he’d be rushed straight to hospital and would get the correct help the make his leg as good as new, unfortunately this isn’t the same scenario for mentally ill people.

  • A person who self-harms could go to a hospital where they say ‘this is your fault, why don’t you just stop?’
  • A person who is anorexic could be admitted to hospital after collapsing and the nursing staff say ‘why don’t you just eat or drink that?’
  • A person who just tried to commit suicide could be rushed into hospital and staff members would say ‘that was stupid’

The problem is, people aren’t educated well enough to understand these sorts of issues unless they’ve been through it themselves. Mental health is such a taboo topic but such a life changing thing. Whether someone has depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, an addiction or psychosis it shouldn’t matter, a person deserves the correct treatment to help them and they should NEVER feel like they are being judged.

In some cases mental illness can be as serious as cancer, because you never know when the individual person’s body is going to give in the fight. Stop making mental illness sound like a terrible thing and start spreading awareness, because it is a massive issue in the world were currently living in.

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