Bullying through social media!

As some of you know bullying on social media is becoming a massive issue. With websites like Ask FM, Facebook ,tumblr & twitter it is very easy to access someones account to bully them. I can take from experience that anybody and everybody can bully you online, your ‘friends’ can bully you, people from your school or from the same city or town that you live in or maybe it will be someone who lives hundreds of miles away from you.

I have faced a lot of online bullying which can range from being bullied about my past, my scars, my gender or my general opinions. Over these last 2 days i have been receiving some pretty nasty messages of people on twitter, of people who i have no idea about. Some of these tweets include:

  • ‘@Self_made_AJ_ fuck off you of wanker even tho u changed to a boy you still have tits u fucking pile of obesity’ – @TheChuckleKing
  • ‘@Self_made_AJ_ haha fuck off commit suicide you fag, Your dad beats you’ – @TheChuckleKing
  • ‘@Self_made_AJ_ I hope your mother has a still born to make up for u. U sick waste of liver. get measles u aids infested dick garage’ – @alqueefaeda

Thankfully i am a strong person who is used to these sorts of comments, but what about the people who aren’t? what about the people who struggle with mental illnesses? what about the people who are getting bullied on a daily basis? getting told to ‘commit suicide’ is probably one of the most upsetting things someone can get told, because they feel so worthless and they feel as if life isn’t for them or the world isn’t needing them. Every single person on this planet is worthy and is needed and is loved! Just because you may not agree with who other people are doesn’t mean you have any right to tell them to end there life.

Bullying people doesn’t make you ‘big and hard’ it makes you look like such a douche, why? because you are bullying someone whether its because of there body, there mentality, there gender or sexual orientation. Nobody was born to be perfect and i think society needs to realize this. We were born to be something, not to fight and bully others.

Spread hate, not love!

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