Lesbians are butch and gays are camp?!

I hate it when society has this imprint on lesbian and gay people. 

People assume gay men are ‘camp, feminine, girly’ etc when in actual fact a gay man can be who they are and happy. I know some boys who identify as gay and do act like ‘one of the girls’ but I also know quite a few boys who identify as gay and they go to the gym, they’re so masculine and you wouldn’t even know they loved the same sex. A mans personality is different to their sexuality, if they want to act feminine and love men, leave them too it.

People assume that lesbians are ‘butch, scary, manly’ etc when once again, this is society’s impression on lesbians. Not all lesbians are butch and scary, lesbians are so lovely and just like everybody. Same girls like to have the shorter haircuts and act like the male in the relationship but some lesbians like to be as feminine as possible.

I don’t see how society has to have a impression on what people look like regarding their sexuality. Personality and sexuality are two different things. As long as a person is happy then leave them be, their happiness is more important than your hatred. Share love, not hate.  We need to realise that labels are for food, not humans.

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