What do i want to achieve this year?

People always ask me what my aims are for this year. I promised myself that I would get somewhere and do something and make sure 2015 was the year I make a difference and make people proud and was true to myself. Below I will list 15 of my top aims for this year:

  • Become civil with everybody – Over the last 5 years i have been a little ass towards everybody! In high school i used to beat people up, i was a idiot towards everybody and i was just really nasty (they were nasty to me too, just to clarify). I’ve lost friends due to this and I am determined to become civil with everybody who either bullied me, or who i was an idiot towards. Life is too short to ignore peoples existence and we all deserve a second chance. So if anybody is reading this and you know full well that i was an idiot or treated you like crap, i’m very sorry!!
  • Do something for the transgender community – It has been 2 years since i came out as transgender and since the day i came out, I have had very negative experiences which has ranged from people hitting me, people saying nasty things, getting bullied in public and i have had death threats. I am currently working with a charity called Fixers UK and they help give young people a voice and make sure their voice is heard. My project is to end the negative stigma towards the transgender community. I want this project to help at least one transgender person who is scared to come out, As maybe it can show them that other people are the same, or whether it changes the opinion on trans-phobic people and maybe help people understand. The transgender community need to have their voice heard and we need to show society that we’re normal people trying to be who we truly are.
  • Become 2 years clean from self harm – My self harm started at the age of 12/13 and i began recovery when i was 15 years old, so 2/3 years of my teenage years i was battling self harm, as well as other things. On the 20th of July 2013 i began to recover, I needed to stop before it took my life so i decided to. I’m now 603 days clean (Just over 19 months) clean from self harm. Never in a million years did i think i’d be able to recover, but i have proved myself wrong and i want it to stay this way! I’m better than self harm and hurting myself!
  • Start hormones or get somewhere with my transition – Since November 2014 i have been determined to get help! I was too scared to get help because of my family, but now that i know they’re going to stand behind me throughout my transition i have tried my hardest to get the correct treatment. I have been denied treatment a couple of times due to the hospitals near me not specializing in gender identity issues but that does not mean i am going to stop! I want to start the journey of becoming who i am and who god intended me to be.
  • Make my family proud – I feel like i have let my family down a lot over the years. So i just want them to be proud of me this year, because i’m going to make this year my year!
  • Erase the old me from myself and society – I want people to forget the lonely, hated, nasty, angry little girl i used to be. I want people to erase my past from there memory. I want people to refer to me as he/him and call me Alex. I want to be known for who i am!
  • Make a successful blog – Making a successful blog may help spread transgender awareness and help others!
  • Meet or see Demi Lovato live – Demi saved me at my time of need. Shes shown me that things do get better, no matter how shit or low you feel. Shes a warrior and she’s shown me that i can be one too!!
  • Love myself – I have quit a lot of self hate towards myself for several reasons and i want to start loving myself for who i am and what insecurity’s i have!!
  • Be honest – I lie quit a lot! :c, i want to be honest with myself and others around me. ‘Honesty is the best policy’ and lying will never ever get me anywhere!
  • Get a happy birthday Son/Nephew/Brother/Grandson card for my birthday – I will be the happiest boy walking this earth if i get a happy birthday Son/Nephew/Brother/Grandson card for my birthday. I’m 18 this year and i’m finally out to everybody in my family and if i get a card with either of the above on, ill finally get to be myself after 18 years!
  • Get an accepting friendship group – I want to find a friendship group who accept me for me and are always there for me! i’m fed up of having friends who only talk to me when they want something! i need a true group of friends who i feel comfortable and happy around!
  • Make everyday worthwhile – Life is way to short to be wasting your days! I want to go out and look at the world in a whole different view. I want to look back in 15 years and say ‘in 2015 I went to gay pride, i went to the beach, i went to London for a day trip’ etc. I Do not want to look back and say ‘i was i did this’ because that is not how i want to think in the future.
  • Have a stable relationship – I am currently in a relationship with Dylan (damn hes cute and hes mine!) and i am determined for it to work out! i want to have movie nights with him, i want to go out on dates with him, i want to make him happy etc! i don’t want a relationship were we argue all of the time or were we lie, that’s not a relationship to me!!
  • Make it to the end of 2015 alive – I have the next 60/70 years worth of life left in me, why end it all know when things might just look up tomorrow?

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