Why do I get annoyed when people say things don’t get better?

I feel so upset when people say ‘things don’t get better so why should I bother anymore?’ but the truth is, 2 years ago I was the broken little kid, I kept myself away from others, I didn’t give a fuck about my appearance, I lost all respect for myself, I’d hurt myself every night, I didn’t eat, I purged or binge if I did eat, I honestly tried to end my life. This was triggered because of my father leaving, the bullying, my battle with my gender and sexuality and because I didn’t fit in, but one night I just thought ‘no this isn’t me, I need to think my life through’ so I was home for 2 days, I didn’t bother going to school, I didn’t speak to anybody, I was trying to figure out my plan for being honest and being who I am, one of my deep darkest secrets was that I’m transgender and nobody knew about it because I was ashamed to be honest with myself and with everybody else.

Being honest with who you are and accepting what happened In the past will slowly make you feel better. So what if someone hurt you In the past? So what if you’re gay/bi/transgender/lesbian? So what if you’re not the average size or your more masculine or femenine than everybody else? You’re who you are and you shouldn’t let your past or who you are define you as a person. I first came out in Febuary 2013 to a few people which spead around like wildfire So by may, the whole world knew that I was trans, yes I’ve had abuse, yes I got bullied, yes I got death threats, but it’s me it’s who I am, my world started to slowly get better, I’m not going to lie but life is hard, recovery is hard but it’s apart of living, it’s all about surviving. Now 2 years later, I’ve stopped people from committing Suicide, I stop people from self harming, I help others, I left school with 10+ GCSE/BTEC’s, I’m a college student, I have an accepting group of friends and an amazing family and I’m an inspiration to a few people, I have my own project going to end negative stigma towards the transgender community, I’m slowly starting to write a book, I’m sharing my story with the whole world. I’m living proof that things get better, you just need to think positive and accept yourself, fuck all of those bullies or people who you don’t need, leave them, just smile and you’ll feel better. I’m not the only person who made it, demi made it, it’s possible, I believe in you all because you’re all warriors, my prayers are with anybody who feels the need to cut/starve/binge/purge/burn/self harm/overdose/do drugs/alcohol ect because I know it’s possible, I know you can do this. Also my thoughts are with anybody who’s lost someone close to suicide, stay strong beautiful people! πŸ’‹πŸ’ͺπŸ™ I promise, that the feeling of happiness is better than what you’re currently feelings, if you’re reading this hold on because you’re all little warriors πŸ’‹πŸ’ͺ

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